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It can generally go without saying that the human body, both male and female, undergoes a lot of changes during puberty. During these tumultuous teen years, the body changes in ways that you may not be a fan of.

For women, one of the biggest issues that young women have is with their breasts. From wanting breasts of a different size to trying to figure out how to make boobs grow without gaining weight, there are a lot of different problems women on the flatter chest side can experience. However, before a woman makes any changes to her body, the most important thing that she can do is understand what exactly is going on with her chest. Once she understands this, it will be much easier to make changes and adapt to her breasts.

If you are worried about your chest size, you may not know what to do or who to turn to. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to begin learning about how the chest changes during puberty. From there, you should then consider what the average breast size is so that you can get a good idea of where you stand.

If you still feel that your chest is too small, then you may want to consider going down the avenue of getting larger breasts. While you research how to get bigger breast without gaining weight, you will also want to consider other solutions, such as utilizing birth control to get your chest to grow a little bit more.

Understanding How Breasts Change During Puberty

First things first, before you do anything to affect the size of your chest, you should first begin understanding how the chest and breasts develop and change during puberty. Puberty is a time when a girl’s body officially shifts from being a child’s body to a body of childbearing age. This will involve changes in the hips, breasts, uterus, among other parts in the body.

The breasts are one of the key points of development in a woman’s body, often being one of the first signs of puberty in girls. It is generally believed that breast development begins roughly two years before the first menstrual cycle begins, although some girls do not begin noticeable breast development until years after her first period.

During puberty, girls will begin to gain fat around their chests, developing breast buds. This is usually the point where girls begin wearing training bras, both to get used to the feeling of wearing a bra and to also begin covering up the developing breasts.

Considering the fact that most women take about two to five years to finish going through puberty, breasts can take a fair amount of time to fully develop. If a girl finds herself wondering why are my boobs so small, and she knows that she has begun puberty relatively recently, then there’s a good chance that her breasts still have several years left to develop. In some women, breast development can happen slowly over the course of half a decade. For other women, it can happen very quickly and somewhat painfully. Every woman is different in this regard.

Knowing When Your Breasts Are Done Growing

Now that you know a little bit more about how boobs grow and develop, you might begin to wonder more about what happens when they are done. Most notably, many women wonder what age do your boobs stop growing at, so they can be realistically prepared for when their breasts have reached their full size.

After all, nobody wants to be left waiting for something that will never happen. Most women will have their breasts completely developed by the age of 18, although some later bloomers may still be developing their breasts past this age and may finish closer to 20. If you have reached this age, you can generally assume that your breasts will not grow naturally anymore, unless you induce them to do so.

If you want to know for a fact whether or not your breasts are actually small, you will need to think about the average breast size for your country. Different countries have different average breast sizes, meaning that it is not fair to compare yourself to women from another country. For instance, people who live in Indonesia and Africa generally have a much smaller breast size than women who live in Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Because bra sizes also vary throughout the world, much like clothing sizes do, it is somewhat difficult to determine what the actual average breast size is in some places. While it might seem strange at first, one of the better ways to gauge breast size without relying on the variety of bra sizes around the world is to use milliliters. Relying on this, the average breast size in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are 1378, 879, and 652 milliliters, respectively.

Ways to Naturally Increase Your Breast Size

Now that you understand even more about what a normal breast size may be for your country, you can begin thinking about what you can do for your breast size naturally. Once you have figured out when do boobs stop growing, you can begin thinking of ways that you can increase your breast size.

While one of the easiest ways to increase your breast size is to put on weight, this is an option that nobody really wants. Thankfully, there are a couple natural methods you can consider first before going to the extreme of plastic surgery (which can increase your weight slightly, depending on the size of the implants you want).

Almost all of the natural ways to increase your breast size will be both minor and temporary, but they can absolutely work in the moment. For instance, having sex will increase blood flow to the breasts, causing them to swell up to 25% larger than they might normally be. Of course, this will go back down to the regular size once everything is over, but for some women, this temporary increase is enough.

All aspects of the menstrual cycle also affect breast size. During ovulation, blood flow is also increased to the breast area. This commonly causes both swelling and tenderness in the area, but sometimes the swelling can cause a noticeable change in breast size. Again, this is temporary, as it only lasts for the ovulation phase of the menstrual cycle. Although, chances are that it will happen again once you begin bleeding. Because of the hormones released during this period, your breasts will become full and tender again, causing another potentially noticeable increase in size.

Finally, there is the idea of using birth control to increase the size of your breasts naturally. While there have been people who have had a noticeable change from these pills, you should keep in mind that these changes will not be anything extreme or significant, although they can definitely be noticeable.

Considering Birth Control for Breast Growth

When it comes to the results of birth control breast growth before and after, the results have been promising for a natural way to increase breast size without resorting to permanent measures such as plastic surgery. There are a couple different ways that birth control can affect breasts, and they all relate to the ways that the menstrual cycle affects breasts as well. Just keep in mind that these changes will not be permanent, and that when you go off of the birth control pills, your breasts will return to their original size.

To understand how birth control works on breast size, you first need to understand what exactly birth control does inside the body. Most common types of birth control will prevent ovulation, increase the amount of mucus in the uterus, and thin the lining of the uterus.

All of these drastically reduce the chance of pregnancy and regulate hormonal and menstrual cycles. Birth control does this through small doses of hormones that are inside the little pills (or released from an implant). Naturally, when ingesting hormones, the amount of said hormones (estrogen and progestin) will increase in your body, causing side effects while your body adjusts to these internal changes.

While the exact side effects will be different for all women, there are many women out there that report an increase in breast size when first beginning birth control pills. It is believed that a combination of fluid retention, increased weight from hormones, and the hormones themselves all help to cause a minor increase in breast size without a significant change in weight.

For women who take a monthly pack of pills, this change tends to last until the week of placebo pills begins. When the next month of pills are started, the changes return. However, for all women, the body will gradually get used to the hormone changes. This means that after a few months of being on birth control (of any kind), breast size will return to normal.

With all of this being said, taking birth control pills (or getting an implant) is the safest and most natural way to increase breast size naturally and for a prolonged period of time. This is a temporary change that some women find favorable. If you are looking for a nonpermanent solution to your breast size problem, and you do not want to try and gain weight, then going on birth control might be the best answer for you.


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