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Snapchat is among the various social media outlets that are now being used as a marketing tool. Though we tend to know more about Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, there is a lot of untapped potential within Snapchat.

The question becomes about how to boost Snapchat views. With a little bit of help, you can boost your interactions and find more ways to get those views up on your Snapchat profile.

How to Get More Views on Snapchat?

If you aren’t on Snapchat and are hoping to grow your brand or business, then you should be signing up right this instant. Snapchat can make for a great way to promote upcoming events in particular and is an underutilized form of social media. Thankfully, there are a few ways in which you can help yourself by boosting views.

Change UP Profile Pictures

One of the best ways to get more views is to find ways to drive them to your account. Since there isn’t an organic search function to be used through Snapchat, it can be difficult to discover other users. But there is still a way.

You can add users who are outside of your contact list using their username or “Snapcode.” The Snapcode is a QR code that is totally unique to your account. It also happens to be the profile picture that you have set for your account.

Whenever someone takes a picture of that Snapcode, they can add you. Changing your profile pic across different social media platforms to your Snapcode is a great way to get those views up.

Post Frequently

As is the case with just about any form of social media, you need to be active, and you need to post content often. If you are wondering how to boost Snapchat views, one of the first things that you should be doing is reviewing how much you are posting.

Just like on other social media platforms, the more you post, the more likely you are to attract views and followers. People on social media are not going to want to follow accounts that rarely post or are seemingly inactive.

Within the Snapchat app, public stories are posted in chronological order, with the latest story going right to the top of that person’s feed. If you want to gain more views and followers, make sure that you are posting often in order to stay at the top of those feeds.

But you don’t need to just start shooting off terrible snap after terrible snap of content that clearly hasn’t been thought out. Plan out your content so that you can come up with a marketing strategy that makes the best use of that content.

This plays into what your brand is. You want the content to match the tone and tenor of the brand so that everything can be in synergy.

Have Structure

This plays a little into the end of the previous section. Whenever you create content, you need a narrative and some structure. Set those expectations up early so that your audience can know what they can expect. If you are changing things up and everything is nonsensical, it is going to frustrate your audience.

For the most part, users of social media have relatively short attention spans. Creating content that appeals to them in short bursts is key. You need to get the message across in no more than three snaps, or you will probably have lost the audience.

Be consistent in what you post. Being all over the place or seemingly having no structure or reason behind the posts can be confusing to the audience. You can also tell them what to expect from the rest of the snaps within a given story.

Maybe tell them that you’re giving them five tips on something. Or tell them that you have eight hacks that can help them. Give them a clear idea of what is to come instead of just trying to bait them into going through each of the snaps.

Make Use of Instagram

The synergy between social media platforms is crucial, particularly in brand building. Since Instagram is one of the largest and most visible platforms out there, you have a ton of potential crossover potential between your Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

Perhaps the most straightforward way of promoting that Snapchat account is to post the aforementioned Snapcode on your Instagram account regularly. Don’t just post it and think that’ll do the job, however. Make sure to link to it in your bio, your Instagram stories, and some of your reels as well.

Using some content on Snapchat and Instagram can serve a few purposes. For one, it can help to reduce the workload, allowing you to get more coverage out of a single piece of content. For two, it gives you the opportunity to cross-promote a lot faster and also means that you can add your Snapchat link as well.

It is even more convenient when Snapcode is being used on a mobile platform. Users who click on the Snapcode from your Instagram account will have your Snapchat opened up immediately, taking them right to your profile. It is a seamless, easy way to get users who may follow you on Instagram to check out your Snapchat and boost your views in a totally simple but organic way.


There are more than a few tried and true methods for how to boost Snapchat views. Posting frequently, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look, and (most importantly) having structure can make a world of difference in the views that you get.

It takes some time and a little bit of patience, but you should be able to boost those views on Snapchat before long. All of this will make your Snapchat brand all the more effective.


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