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Most people forget that Facebook originally began as a way for college students to connect. Before long, it became a global institution with literally billions of users from all across the planet. Now, it has become a primary pace for businesses, communities, brands, public personalities and celebrities to connect with their market.

Facebook profiles can be created by anyone and the corresponding pages can be functional in the way that traditional profiles are: share stories, posts, media, events, and more. But what does it mean to be a public figure on Facebook? What does it take to learn how to become a public figure on Facebook?

What Is a Public Figure on Facebook?

A public figure page on Facebook is for someone who has some influence or celebrity. It is for recognized individuals and organizations, particularly brands, celebrities, athletes, and more. They are largely used as a method of building up the brand of a person or company.

These are different from the average Facebook page out there. Those can be created by anyone, but they don’t have any recognizable influence or impact. They are out there competing amongst the myriad pages out there.

How to Become a Public Figure on Facebook?

Now, to the real question: how to become a public figure on Facebook? There is some debate as to what really entails being a public figure, but let’s focus on the aspect of creating the public figure page instead as that is more straightforward.

To do so, you need to go to the page creator and select “artist, band, or public figure.” Select the latter in the dropdown, then type in your name and “get started.” You will then have a public figure page generated.

In the page’s upper-left corner, you can add a picture, uploading the most professional headshot that you have. The image should be high-quality, representing who you are to the online audience. For this purpose, a professional photographer is recommended. This is the photo that can be used across all of your social media platforms. You will also need to upload a cover photo or video; go with something that best represents your message and brand.

From here, it is about connecting the page. It involves creating a business manager account, so that you can boost your posts, run ads, and more. You can type in the name for the business manager, clicking “finish” to create the account.

You also need to claim the public figure page through your business settings. Far too many businesses and individuals create their public figure page without claiming it as well. You can also set up an Ads account, which helps you to manage the ads that you run through your public figure page.

That is the basics but there is a lot more that can be covered so that you get the most out of your public figure profile. But this should be more than enough to get you started.

Benefits of a Public Figure Profile

Still not sure whether a public profile page is right for you? There are some major benefits to be had. They are similar to some of the business pages that you can create on Facebook, making for an effective marketing tool. Whether you are getting across a message, brand, or product, being a public figure can be quite the tool to have.


One of the biggest benefits to having a public figure page is that you can gain access to detailed analytics. Having access to user data can be important if you know how to properly use it. Seeing where your traffic is coming from, what age and background they are, and so much more can allow you to tailor your strategies.

Even better, it allows public figures to build on their strengths and mask their weaknesses. Being a public figure gives you the ability to approach your target audience in a newer, better way than you would with a standard business or personal page.


There is also the pairing with Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is a comprehensive ads manager that allows users to create custom ads and target their audience in their own way. It is easily usable as both someone who is a novice to the Ads experience and those who are quite familiar.

It can mean maximizing your advertising budget, targeting your specific audience to the greatest effectiveness. With pay-to-click ads in particular, it is possible to get the most bang for your buck on the advertising that you choose.

Greater Influence

Though some may disagree with the idea, public figures tend to have greater influence over their audiences. That is because the audience sees them as being more “legitimate”, someone that can be trusted in the message they are delivering.

That is why celebrities and known brands have not only a further reach, but greater conversion numbers as well. They have used that public figure status to develop a trust with their target audience, something that businesses and other individuals may struggle with.

When it comes to promoting a message, brand, or product, having a legitimate public figure account can be a game-changer. Not everyone has built-in celebrity, which means working to build the brand and achieve that public figure status that is so important.


Becoming a public figure on social media, Facebook in particular, has become a goal of many. Understanding what a public figure is, what it entails, and how to achieve the status has become a bit murkier.

Still, if you manage to create a public figure account that gains traction and develops a level of influence, there are a ton of benefits to be had. It can be an effective way to deliver a particular message or to promote a brand.


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