Growing Into Yourself: What Does It Mean?

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The term “growing into yourself” generally means getting to know yourself a little better. When we’re children or in our teens, much of what we’re allowed to say and do is determined by our family, especially our parents.

As we get into our twenties, we end up making our own choices, and sometimes we fail, but this is necessary in order to become the people we were meant to be in the end.

Growing Into Yourself: What Does It Mean?

When you grow into yourself, you take the steps necessary to become the person you’re supposed to be, both physically and emotionally.

Typically, people do a lot of emotional growing in their twenties, as this is the decade that generally defines who you are as a person. To be sure, very few people are the same at 20 as they are once they reach the age of 30.

This isn’t to say that emotional growth stops once you reach 30 years of age. In fact, in many ways you never stop growing.

Many people claim that when you stop growing, you die. This isn’t literally true, of course, but the point is that while you can figure out who you are in your twenties, you can still grow a lot from that point forward.

When you grow into yourself, it can include activities such as:

  • Learning to become more resilient
  • Improving the body language you portray
  • Trying to procrastinate a lot less often
  • Managing your emotions
  • Learning something new on a regular basis
  • Improving your listening skills
  • Learning to accept things you can’t change
  • Having a mindset that makes emotional growth easier

The Basics of Personal Development: How to Grow Into Yourself

Achieving self-growth involves many different aspects, and if you want to make the most out of your self-growth, you can take the following steps:

1.  Meditate

Meditation helps you relax, but it also puts you in the right frame of mind. With regular meditation, your head will be clear and you’ll be able to get the answers you’re looking for in life.

Many people who meditate regularly even claim that the answers to their questions will automatically pop into their heads as they meditate, so this is an excellent way to grow into yourself.

2.  Write in a Journal

Writing in a journal daily will help you figure out who you are and what to do about various problems.

In fact, you might be surprised to discover that as you’re writing, questions may be answered and it might be easier to decide exactly what you want out of life. Writing down your thoughts also helps you get to know yourself a little better every time.

3.  Explore Your Interests

Once you start growing, you owe it to yourself to grow more by exploring some of your interests. This can be difficult if you’re working full-time and have a family to take care of, but you’re still better off exploring just one of your hobbies or interests.

Each time you do this, it helps you grow even more and helps you determine if you should stick with it or not.

4.  Practice Being Grateful

Sometimes when we’re young, it’s hard for us to grasp how lucky we are to have certain things in our lives, so being grateful and appreciating what you have is a sure sign that you’re growing as a person.

Every day, you should recite a quote about being grateful, or just thank a higher power (or fate) for the things you have. Gratefulness is a beautiful and useful thing.

5.  Use Affirmations

Affirmations are quotes and sayings that can help you achieve things if you recite them every day. There are affirmations to help you make more money, pass a class, get a promotion, be better at a career or even a hobby, and so much more.

Many people print out their favorite affirmations and tape them to the bathroom mirror so they can recite them at the beginning of the day.

6.  Read

The more you read, the more you learn, and there are tons of books available for personal growth and development. Go to any bookstore and find the “self-help” section, and that will become crystal clear.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a certain type of book because all reading is important, but reading books on personal growth and your other interests is very beneficial.

7.  Share Your Goals

Most people have goals in life, as well as ways to achieve those goals. If you share your goals with friends and family members, you become accountable to them, which gives you the extra push you need to make sure you focus and do the things necessary to reach your goals.

Friends and family won’t harass you, but they will ask about how things are going, which might be all you need.

8.  Get a Therapist

This one may sound odd, but the truth is that having a regular therapist can help you grow in many different ways.

You don’t have to schedule appointments regularly if you don’t want to, but it’s good to have someone on “standby” in case you experience stress or any other emotion that makes life more of a challenge.

9.  Practice Self-Care

If you’re young, your body is able to take a lot of abuse and keep on going, but that won’t always be the case.

It’s best if you start taking care of yourself right now, regardless of your age, especially since self-care is great for personal development and growth. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are the best way to start.


When you grow into yourself, you become the person you’re supposed to be and you grow emotionally, which according to many people should be a lifelong goal.

Reading, using affirmations, hiring a therapist, meditating, and pursuing your interests and hobbies can all help with the self-growth process, as can other things.

When you set goals, you should also establish specific steps to achieve those goals. Setting goals is great for self-growth, but remember that doing everything at a pace that’s comfortable for you is equally important.


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