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When it comes to naming your children, it is important to make sure that you choose a name that is not only important to you, but also carries a meaning for your child as well. If you are someone who appreciates nature, you might want to name your son after a flower, but are there any names relating to flowers and nature that can be given to males? There are many, many names that you can choose from.

While most people associate names that are relating to nature, flowers, and plants with women and girls, if the idea of nature is something that is incredibly important to you, then you may want to bring that into your son’s life.

If you are willing to do some research into meanings and somewhat obscure flowers, you will be able to find plenty of plant-related names for your unborn son that will hold a special meaning to you.

One thing you may want to consider is what connotations your flower-related name is going to have. Some people enjoy looking into the meanings of flowers and what they are associated with, although there are plenty of people who may simply enjoy the appearance of the flower.

Common Names for Boys

One of the most common boy’s names is one that you may not even realize is related to flowers. “Aaron” refers to the name of the mountain of strength and the flowers of Aaron’s Rod and Aaron’s Beard. There are also plenty of ways to spell this name, if you want to add some character to this name. This is just the beginning of names that are seemingly common but have some historical relation to flowers.

Anthony is another name that you could consider for your son. This name, when spelled with an “H” is believed to have derived from the Greek word “Anthos,” which refers to flowers. It also refers to a relatively common Roman family name, if this area of the world is meaningful to you. There is some debate on whether or not Anthony is a name that is relating to flowers, but it is a good name for a son.

Corey is another name that you can consider for your son without having it stand out too much. “Corey” can be considered shorthand for the flower “coreopsis,” which is a very cheery and beautiful yellow flower for a son who will brighten up your world. Corey is also a name that can be considered gender-neutral, if this is a priority for your unborn child’s name.

Popular Names for Boys

A name that has been gaining popularity among boys in recent years is Indigo, which refers to flowers of the same color. Indigo flowers are often associated with calming effects, mystery, balance, and general structure. Someone who is named after the indigo flower may be someone who is seemingly always busy, but will have the time to sit down and talk to you if you need it. The name is English in its origin.

Another good name for your son is Sage. Sage is an herb that is commonly associated with medicinal use and healing, especially in times before modern medicine, making it the perfect name to consider for a son who cares for others and wants to “heal” them.

The name is Latin in origin, and what makes it even better is that there are many ways to interpret the word “sage,” from the herb to the wise and prophetic figure that one might look up to.

A unique name that you can also consider for your son is the name Zahir. This name, which is Arabic in origin, has a more literal meaning of being helpful, supportive, and generally being there for others. Many more people have extrapolated upon this meaning to be that one with this name would help people flourish, blossom, and ultimately, bloom. This is the perfect name for a son who is there to help others.

Tree-Focused Names for Boys

If you are looking for an older name that is based on trees for your new son, you may want to consider the name Linden. Out of all the tree names out there that you can choose from, this name is most popular in Poland and Croatia, though it is considered a Slavic name. It’s mentioned within Slavic mythology as a sacred tree within the culture. The tree is known as a lime tree in the English language, and it remains to be a sacred tree in some parts of the world.

Another name that you could consider for your son is Bruce. While this name has a number of different connotations that you can take away from it, when referring to trees, it references the Scottish term for willow woods from the 14th-century king learning about the value of handiwork from that of a spider.

Whether you want to hide the meaning of your son’s name within a name that could be understood as something else, or you appreciate the folklore that Bruce comes from, this is a common name to choose.

Finally, one last name to consider for your son is Ackley. This name is rather unique, and is English in origin. The name refers to an oak meadow, or a forest of oaks. In terms of what this kind of name might symbolize for your new son, it is the perfect name if you are looking for a strong, enduring name. Oak trees are well known for their hardiness and their ability to withstand most weather conditions.

Unique Names for Boys Based on Plants

There’s always a chance to consider a unique, special, or even an exotic name for your son, especially when that name refers to plants that are special to you.

For example, consider the name Gajijens. This is a name that is Native American in origin and it refers to a flower’s fall, or the floret of a flower. For a name that stands out among the rest, and a son unlike any other, this is a perfect name.

You could also consider the name Palash as one for a son who will be special to you and who will mean the world to you. This name is that of a beautifully orange colored flower that can be found across much of Asia. The flower itself is considered to be sacred in many of these countries, giving your son’s new name an importance that few other people will have.

Finally, a simple yet beautiful name for your son could be the name Vared. This name, which is Hebrew in origin language, simply refers to a rose. Roses are well-known across the world for their soft and delicate appearance, their gentle fragrance, and their romantic connotations. This makes a name such as Vared the perfect name for a son who is going to grow up to be a gentle and kind soul in this world.

Flower-Focused Names for Females

There may come a time when your unborn child is born and it turns out to be a different sex than you were expecting, making it all the more important to consider having some girl flower names in mind alongside the flower names for boys that you come up with.

Thankfully, because flowers are commonly associated with femininity, this is not a difficult task.

There are definitely the names that are common and take after the names of flowers that many people love and adore. These names include Lily, Rose, Poppy, Iris, and Holly.

All of these names take after that of the titular flower. A good way to add some more meaning to your daughter’s name is to consider looking into the meanings associated with your favorite flower and seeing if those meanings are ones that you would want to associate with your daughter.

There are also the more unique names out there that you could opt for, with some of which being the name for flowers that come from other places. Ione is a good name for girls who you may want to give the name Violet to, but want to add your own personal twist to the name, as Ione is the Greek word for it. You could also consider the name Canna as one, as it is a specific type of lily with massive blossoms.

What to Consider

When you are looking into plant-focused names for your unborn child, there are a few things that you are going to want to think about. You are going to want to make sure that your name has some meaning to it, something that is personal to you and your life.

You may also want to look into the origins of the name to see if it has carried any historical meanings, as a lot of people have names associated with the past that they may not even be aware of.

With the right amount of research, you can find the perfect name for your children while still remaining focused on nature, plants, and flowers, no matter the sex of your child. 


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