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It can generally go without saying that confessing your love for someone and asking them out on a date is something far easier said than done.

However, if you don’t plan on doing it, then there’s a chance that your love may not ever realize that you care about him or her, and this is something that nobody wants to have happen.

Before you pull the question of whether or not your interest wants to go on a date with you, you should begin thinking about ways that you can have an impactful first date. Doing this will allow you to be prepared for a “yes” and have a date that puts you in the best light possible. Thankfully, there are many guides out there to help you plan out your first date with someone you care about.

First things first, you should remember not to get too ahead of yourself. Planning out a date before asking someone out should only be tentative, such as thinking about places he or she might want to go and considering their interests. Once he or she agrees to the first date, you should begin giving it heavy thought. There are a few different areas you will want to think about when you are planning out your first date, and remembering these first date tips will help you make the most out of the date, allowing you to begin your relationship on the best note possible.

Preparing for the Big Day

Once you get your answer and you are ready to begin planning for the big day, you will need to think about what you will need to do to get ready. Of course, you should remember not to overdo things as this can be easily overwhelming and not the first impression that you want to leave on anyone. You should have a nice set of clothes ready and they should be appropriate for the location of the date. You should also make sure that if you are going to an event or a place that requires tickets or reservations that you have those at the ready and easy to access.

Nobody wants to turn up to that kind of event only to find that they aren’t prepared in the least. You should also make sure that you are looking your best as well. This includes being clean, well-kept, and smelling good. Doing these things will increase your chances of getting a second date.

You should also begin preparing yourself for conversation. You should always make sure that you seem natural, but you will want to think about conversation topics that most people have on a date and you should have an honest and charming response ready for those questions.

For some people, this may mean that you have to take a long, hard look at yourself and what you do to be ready for any questions your love interest may have for you. This is especially important if you know that you are anxious in social situations. Keep in mind that most people, once they are already on a first date with you, will be much happier having an interesting conversation with you rather than listening to pick-up lines that they have heard many times before.

Planning Out the Possibilities

Now that you are physically ready for the big day, you should begin thinking about the possibilities of where you will go. For some people, depending on your method of asking your interest out to the date, this should be done before you ask the question. For other people, it can be done once you have confirmed that your interest does want to spend time with you.

Typically, you should keep your eye on locations that are close to the both of you. If you are asking out someone who you see regularly and you know lives in the area, you can consider looking at things to do and places to go within the city. If you are meeting up with someone you met on a dating app, the courteous thing to do is to consider going at least halfway, or more, so that your interest isn’t doing all of the work of driving. This will help you narrow down the location of where the two of you should go.

From here, it is a matter of thinking about the best things to do. Many first dates are best done over food, whether that is coffee and a bakery, a dinner, a lunch, or something similar. This is a good, common place to consider a first date. Some people, based on mutual interests, may find that going to the movies, a museum, or an event is another great way of spending time with someone for the first date. Remember that there is such a thing as spending too much on a first date and doing so can scare off a potential partner or make them feel uncomfortable, and this is the last thing that you would want to have happen.

Consider What They Enjoy

While you are thinking about this, the best places that you can go are the places that the both of you have an interest in. However, if you aren’t exactly sure on whether or not your first date will have the same interests as you, you will want to consider catering toward that person for the first date. Doing this shows that you care and that you pay attention to his or her desires, interests, and so on, which is a good message to send on your first date. When you are considering these things, location should always play an important role, as nobody wants to drive too far for a first date.

You should also make sure that, at least for the first date, you are prepared to cover the entire pay of the date. While it is never a good idea to assume things about other people, many people will see it as generous to cover for the other person when you are the one who has initiated the date. You can also consider asking the date to split everything with you. Generally, this question should come after the two of you have spent time together on the date and the both of you have gotten a feel for each other.

Creative and Unique Places to Go for a First Date

Finally, you may want to think about some of the best places that you could go for a first date. While it is often a safe idea to go with the typical places for a date, such as a coffee shop or the movies, sometimes offering something brand new, creative, and unique can help you come across in the best light possible. This can include seeing a new exhibit at a museum the two of you enjoy, going to a local zoo, seeing a local fair, and so on.

Of course, the exact place you think of will depend heavily on both of your interests and locations, but you should never be afraid of suggesting something outside of the box, as this can make a good impression on your part and help you set yourself apart from the crowd. By keeping these things in mind, you can help yourself have one of the best first dates possible, significantly increasing your chances at a second date and potentially even a third date.


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