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There may come a time in your life where you want to improve on your leadership skills, as it can be an incredibly useful ability in a workplace environment. Similarly, you might find yourself in a situation where you are filling out a resume and you want to show that you have experience being a responsible leader, but you aren’t sure what would qualify as a good example. Both of these situations are ones where you can benefit from learning about different examples of leadership in all kinds of situations.

Knowing about where leadership can help you out as well as knowing about how leadership impacts other people can help you understand what you need to do to improve on yourself and improve on your own performance. Thankfully, there are countless examples of leadership out there, some of which might come from surprising situations.

Understanding What Leadership Really Is

In order to understand what makes leadership as impactful and beneficial work a workplace as it is, you need to have a good sense of the skills that compromise this umbrella term. Contrary to what some people think, leadership is not one’s ability to use their authority to get things done, but rather making sure that a workplace is able to work at its best potential under your guidance.

As such, there are many skills that are necessary for you to be your best at leadership. These skills include making sure that you can communicate clearly, positioning your team in a way that maximizes what they can do, promoting productive ideals and motivating the team to do their best, and maintaining a schedule, budget, task management, morale, and workplace harmony.

It should come as no surprise that leadership is a complex field that can take a long time to fully develop the skills for, but it is one that will go a long way if you can make full use of your leadership skills.

Examples of Putting Leadership Skills to Use

Simply knowing what makes a good leader is often not enough for one to be able to learn these skills. Many people are able to learn how to best use their leadership skills through following examples of these skills being used in a beneficial and productive way.

Clear communication often involves making sure that you do not leave room for misunderstanding or questions from your workplace, so that they have a clear idea of what they should be doing. Positioning your team can be seen as making sure that each member of your team is in a position that allows them to use their best skills, overall improving the production of your team.

There are also examples of smaller skills that make up many of the larger aspects of leadership. For instance, your ability to problem-solve issues that come up from the team requires good decisiveness, the ability to research and understand new concepts quickly so you can make an informed decision, and having the analytical skills to know how to understand each side of the conflict.

Providing Leadership Through Example

One of the most effective ways to make your leadership skills be impactful is to be able to lead your team by example. When your employees see the practices you use and how you choose to work, they will be more inclined to follow them; likewise, if they see that you are putting in your all for the team, they will be more likely to do the same.

Examples of this form of leadership include making sure to deliver on your promises, respecting the employees above you, listening to each and every member of the team, valuing the team itself, and not being afraid to get their hands dirty. This last point is one of the most effective ways to lead through example, as leaders are commonly seen just giving directions and not putting in the work.

When you work alongside the team to better understand their perspective and their job, you will be able to give them better advice. This is one example of extremely beneficial and impactful leadership.

Examples of Actions You Can Take

Other examples of responsible leadership can be found in the actions you choose to take. This concept also ties into the idea of providing your leadership through example, as the people who work in your team will be more likely to follow what you do if they see you doing it.

One of the most important things that you can do for your team is to demonstrate integrity through your actions. You will want to be consistent in the way you treat everyone, from members of your upper management to those who work on your team, as this shows that you respect them just as much as you respect those above you. People are more likely to listen to the instructions and advice of people who treat them with respect.

Other areas you can look at are developing empathy, honing listening skills, and making sure that your values for your team align with their own, so you can help them work toward both your goals and their own goals. By making sure to act in a way that will benefit your team, you can increase the chances that they will also act in a way that helps them out, furthering everyone’s potential in the process.

Examples of Leadership in Daily Life

There are many positions in life that you will want to look at that will make use of leadership skills and how you were able to work with the people with you. Many of these areas are ones that you may not think about as much, especially when you are trying to fill out a resume.

Good examples of this include internships, volunteering, being part of a student organization or body, and participating in a sports team. Each and every one of these areas makes use of the skills that are sought after in positions of leadership. Internships can allow potential employers to see your work ethics before they hire you, volunteering can help to highlight ambition to improve both yourself and the community around you, and being a part of a student group can show your skills with socialization, organization, and ways that you have worked to improve such an area.

Adding these examples to your resume will help you out as long as you are able to detail how these experiences helped you develop the leadership skills that you already have. In addition to this, thinking back on these times, regardless of where you are now, can help you know what you are already capable of and where you can work on improving yourself.

Examples of Different Leadership Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are several different ways that you can work on leading your team, as there are different ways of leading your group. Leading by example tends to be one of the most impactful ways to lead your workplace, but there are other forms of leadership that may be more beneficial in other circumstances and in different positions.

There is authoritarian leadership, which may sound strict, but effective use of this leadership ensures that in a high-pressure environment, your employees know what to do without question. There is procedural leadership, which can be thought of as doing everything by the books, and can be the most beneficial for people who work in an area where everything is routine and repeated, such as in a production line. There is transformational leadership, which focuses on motivation and pushing people to be their best and is good for organizations that have the potential for considerable improvement.

These are just a few examples of different leadership methods that one can take, and how different forms of leadership can be more beneficial for different areas of life.


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