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Religious holidays are important for a number of reasons. They bring families together while also giving people a chance to connect with strangers. Each religious holiday has its own significance and is celebrated in a unique way. Some involve doing fun activities with families while others are all about caring for strangers.

A holiday is also a great time for making new memories with friends and family members and jokes can make these memories even more beautiful.

What Is Easter?

Since Christianity is the largest religion in the world, everybody knows a thing or two about the most popular Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Easter is the second most popular Christian holiday and is celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs after the spring equinox. Although Easter traditions vary throughout the Christian world, the decorating and breaking of Easter eggs is common everywhere.

During the 40 days of Lent, people abstain from eating certain things. So, when Easter comes, they are given chocolate and candy-filled plastic eggs to enjoy. In certain countries, parents hide Easter eggs and then the children have to search for them and find them. Whoever finds the egg gets to have it too. As children love sweets, they try their hardest to find the eggs before everyone else.

Easter Jokes

Things can get boring pretty easily when people have nothing to do. Telling scary stories and jokes is how you can make everyone interested in the conversation instantly. Sharing jokes is how you can make your loved ones laugh. You can make people’s Easter extra special by telling them Easter-themed jokes.

For Adults

When it comes to jokes, there are always two categories; clean jokes and jokes for adults. The Easter jokes for adults may be enjoyable for people of a certain age and not fit for sharing with children.

Let’s take a look at some great ones!

Not an Easter Egg

People make a lot of effort to decorate Easter eggs every year. Although nicely decorated Easter eggs look so beautiful, no one wants to be one. Confused? Here’s the disadvantage of being an Easter egg:

“Why wouldn’t you want to be an Easter egg?

You only get laid once.”

No adult, in their right mind, would accept a life like that, which is why it is better if we just decorate and enjoy Easter eggs instead of becoming one ourselves.

Colorful Eggs

Can you imagine if animals laid colorful eggs? But since they don’t, humans get a chance to decorate eggs however they want. But what happens when an animal sees a decorated egg? It can cause a lot of confusion in their minds.

“A farmer plays a prank on Easter Sunday. After the egg hunt, he sneaks into the chicken coop and replaces every white egg with a brightly colored one.

Minutes later, the rooster walks in. He spots the colored eggs, then storms out and beats up the peacock.”

Well, there goes the rooster’s relationship!

Boil the Egg

Humans have discovered some great ways of cooking eggs. But when it comes to Easter eggs, you cannot fry or boil them. Even if you tried to boil them, it would take you a long time. Here’s the reason why an Easter egg cannot be boiled:

“What did the Easter egg say to the boiling water?

It might take me a while to get hard cause I just got laid by some chick.”

For Kids

The good thing about clean jokes is that you can tell them in any gathering. Whether you are in a friend group or at a family gathering, you can tell these jokes without any hesitation.

Puns Are the Best

When you want to tell clean jokes at family gatherings, you should always turn to puns. You can give all dads a run for their money with your puns. The best thing about puns is that they never fail to make people laugh.

“What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school? He was eggspelled!”

Thanks to Easter eggs, there’s an endless list of puns you can make use of. You will never run out of Easter jokes thanks to these hilarious puns.

Trick Question

The jokes that are set up as a question give other people a chance to participate in the conversation. Even giving a wrong answer can bring people so much joy because it is all about engaging with each other. Here’s one trick question about Easter and Christmas:

“Where does Christmas come before Easter?”

“The dictionary!”

The dictionary is where your wildest wishes can come true if you look hard enough.

Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is very important for both children and adults. People make different changes in their lifestyle to stay healthy. Some turn to special diets while others pick up things such as cycling. Here’s how bunnies keep in shape:

“How do bunnies stay healthy? They eggercise.”

Well, good for the bunnies for putting in effort to stay healthy. We can all learn a thing or two from them.

Take Care of Your Eggs

Once you have decorated your eggs, you have to take special care of them because you wouldn’t want them to break after all of your hard work. When it comes to taking care of Easter eggs, there are a few things that people aren’t aware of. Here’s one tip that can help you take care of the Easter eggs:

“Don’t tell an Easter egg a joke. It might crack up!”

So, if you want the Easter egg to stay intact, don’t make it laugh.

A religious festival is the best time for bonding with your family. When people get together with family, the best thing to do for them is to tell jokes. Since no one can make jokes on the spot, you can memorize the Easter jokes mentioned above. There’s still time before Easter so you will be ready with your jokes by the time it comes. You will have lots of fun making everyone laugh.


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