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One of the scariest things to see and feel during your sleep is that someone might leave you, and someone close to you might die or hurt your feelings. This is the time when people frantically look for answers and interpretations of dreams.

Are there any messages from the subconscious? We often wake up confused, scared, or even worried as to what would be the dream interpretation of someone walking away from you.

The process of stuffing your dreams is called dream interpretation. However, there is no scientific process to figure this one out, but it is a study of your subconsciousness that can reveal the true meaning behind the dream.

What Are Dreams?

When we go into our deepest slumber, that is when we are experiencing different involuntary visuals, images, scenes, or any emotional response that happens when we are sleeping. Science says that dreams usually occur when we are experiencing the REM stage of sleep; however, it was later revealed that dreams happen when we are not in a REM phase of sleep too.

We have always been dreaming ever since we were young. However, our dreams become longer and much more detailed as we age. The most active dream time during sleep is when the brain has different levels of activity.

Most people dream at least three to four times per night. However, we may not always remember them when we wake up. Some of the dreams may last up to five to twenty minutes; however, some only last a few seconds. An average person spends at least six years of their life just dreaming in their deep slumber.

Looking Back at Dream Interpretations

When you look at dream interpretation in-depth, it dates back to millions of years ago, to the existence of the Sumerian culture, which is now modern-day Iraq. Some priests back in the day, along with Egyptians, thought that dreams are a part of the supernatural universe; however, the Greeks believed dreams to be a bad sign of high virtue.

Sigmund Freud believed dream interpretation was all about fulfilling repressed desires and wishes. They are all triggered by your surrounding variables. Hence today, many scientists and theorists believe in Freud’s theory.

The modern daydream interpretation refers to the historical interpretations, but they remain speculations and unscientific. The meaning of your dreams is subjective, and you can’t have one way of studying them. However, there are some common dreams that have established meanings.

So if you want to know the dream interpretation of someone walking away from you, maybe it has already been deciphered. There are some common dream interpretations that you should know about.

Supernatural Powers

If you are a woman, then a dream where you have supernatural powers can represent good fertility. However, on a broad spectrum, it represents the person’s potential growth and spiritual development. This dream can also represent that something very important to you has ended, and now you are on the journey to find something new about yourself.

The dream has a lot to do with embarking on a newer life, and you are closing the old chapters. Most dreams about supernatural powers signify confidence and good luck in achieving your goals. The dream could also be a metaphor for your independent spirit and that you can take on life alone. Dream of having supernatural powers mean many things and is also very subjective.

Teeth Falling Out

If your teeth fall out in public, you will feel very embarrassed. Having no teeth can significantly affect your self-esteem. Hence, if you dream that your teeth fell out, the chances are that the dream is telling you that you have low confidence in yourself.

Most of the time, we dream about things that have a strong connection to us. Hence if there are days when we feel as though we are not good enough, it could be the days when we see the dream of teeth falling out.

 Falling From a Building or Mountain

Many people report that they have seen themselves falling from a cliff or a building. One of the most frightening experiences is seeing yourself in such a horrifying state. However, it is just the mind’s way of playing its game or responding to some stress in life.

If you see yourself fall from a cliff or a building, it could mean that you are experiencing some great stress in your life and are not able to deal with it. The real-life stress can enter your dreams; hence when you wake up, always ask yourself what kind of stress is bothering you.

Something Heavy on You

Many ask about what a dream of something heavy on me mean? When people see that they are experiencing some kind of heaviness on themselves, it could potentially mean that there is an obstacle or a hindrance in their work and progress. This could also point toward the frustration you have in your life.

There is something in your life that is not going your way, and it is causing you anxiety. Such a dream usually represents hardships or the ups and downs in your daily life. So if you see such a dream, always check what the things that are bothering you are.

It could be that your boss is not promoting you despite your hard work, or the project you are working on is not making its way.


Pregnancy does not mean that you or someone in your life is pregnant; rather, it means that things are evolving for you. There is growth and progression in your life, career, or love life. It usually has a positive meaning as pregnancy is all about personal development.

Snakes and Spiders

Snakes can appear in our dreams in a variety of ways. It is not always bad to see one as there are many interpretations. It also depends on what the snake is doing in the dream. Hence, this dream’s  interpretation depends on the kind of feelings that you had when you saw the snake.

On the other hand, spiders can represent lies and deceit. Hence be careful with the people around you and figure out who is the one who might lie to you.

You Can’t See

Many times, people have the big question, what does it mean when you dream you can’t see? Blindness is a dream that can have many meanings. It does not always represent that you cannot see from your eyes, and it usually means that the eyes of your soul cannot discern.

It also represents that the people around you are not to be trusted. Some religious meanings represent that you do not know much about yourself. You are also confused about who you are and why you have certain habits.


Seeing yourself scared and nude in a dream could mean that there are things in your life that embarrass you. You are exposed in some ways, and it could be that someone caught your lie, and you are feeling ashamed.

If you see yourself nude but happy, that could mean there is a big breakthrough in your life, and you feel accomplished and happy.


There are many ways people can make dream interpretations that are not scientific; however, some theorists believe that dreams are a collection of your feelings and surrounding variables. Hence if you want to know what your dreams mean, always look inwards and see how you feel.


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