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There are many differences in facial features around the world. People come in different shapes and sizes, and similarly, their features vary from one another as well. One of the most common lip types is the downturned mouth, which is not found in everyone; however, a certain group of people has what is commonly known as the droopy lip.

Some say that a downward mouth might appear to be a sad mouth, but these are only observations and not facts. People who tend to have such types of lips are not always sad; however, their facial makeup is such that their lips point downward from the corners.

Downward Turned Lips

Medical science has proven to be a step ahead and has shed light on what is a downward mouth and why it exists in the first place. Whatever the case is, there is no shame in having lips that turn downwards because all lips are beautiful.

What Most People Feel?

Many people who have lips turning down from the corners often complain that they have been accused of being in a bad mood. The people around them think they are angry or unapproachable on multiple occasions. These feelings can take a toll on someone who does not feel confident about their looks.

Sad Mouth

If you are working with many people and are asked why you look sad, then it is not easy to explain that you don’t feel that way, but your sad looking mouth might be to blame. It is perfectly normal to feel a little frustrated; however, there are many other people like you who have the same condition.

The best part about it is that you can always consult your doctor if you do not feel confident with having a downward lip. Medical science has made strides in changing facial features through research and development. Your doctor may have a solution for you.

What Is a Downturned Mouth?

In simple words, a downturned mouth does not make you look happy. Your lips make a person look as though they are feeling upset or angry.

Usually, the corners of the lips point toward the floor. This could be due to many reasons; however, it is also due to your skin sagging most of the time. When people age, their skin becomes loose and, if not taken care of in a timely manner, can result in it beginning to sag.

Why Do My Lips Point Down?

However, some people have lips that droop down because of genetic reasons. Such a mouth results from a hard pull by the inner facial muscles attached to the corners of the lips. Sometimes the facial tissues are so weak they are unable to support the face structure as accurately as they should be. Since there is no support, the corners of the lip fall.

What to Do to Fix Your Sad Look?

Many people wonder whether there is a treatment to cure your frowning mouth and the answer is simple. Yes, there is a lot you can do with the help of an aesthetician who has a lot of experience in fixing smiles.

But first, you need to ask yourself the question, “do you really need to get your lips fixed?” All smiles are beautiful, and one should wear them proudly. However, if you still think you want to get rid of the downturned mouth, then perhaps you should be aware of your options.


Some qualified practitioners can administer the anti-wrinkle in your skin. With such a treatment, your doctor will have a complete examination of your mouth and teeth. After this, they will clean up your mouth before beginning the procedure. You will be given ice bags to numb your mouth before the injection.

After the first step, your doctor will ask you to say “cheese.” Once the doctor has a clear view, they will navigate through your mouth and find the culprit; the offending muscle. The anti-wrinkle will be injected into the skin using a fine needle that will be placed near the bottom of your jawline.

You might be paranoid during the procedure; however, rest assured that it is the easiest and fastest procedure that does not require much recovery time.

Dermal Filler

Another proven treatment to fix your turned down smile is to inject fillers into your lips. If the corners of your mouth are hanging, it is time to consider uplifting fillers. Through these fillers, you will give support and structure to your lips so they are able to smile again in their original form.

You can imagine the fillers as working their magic by adding an invisible layer of support and lifting the corners of your lips like pillars in a house. These fillers can also be coupled with Botox that will take away the control from the muscles and become the only support for your smile.

So now you know that the lips lack the necessary support to keep them in their original position. If you consider getting dermal fillers, you must seek a professional’s advice before you decide to get one.

When Can You Expect Results From Derma Fillers?

If you plan to get yourself derma fillers, you must know that it takes at least two to three days for the swelling to subside, and you’ll notice your lips drooping down until then. Hence you might want to cancel some plans if you plan to go for the procedure.

As daunting as it may seem, the procedure is not harmful but can slightly sting when the injection is being administered. However, note that the fillers do not last forever, and you will have to go back to your doctor to get new ones after they lose their ability to provide support.

Why Is My Mouth Turning Down at Corners?

In case you notice your mouth turning down at corners soon after the fillers, you must know that you were not provided with a good quality uplifting filler. However, a good quality filler can last anywhere from six months to a year; hence it all depends on the brands your doctor uses for the procedure.

The effects of the fillers injected into the mouth do not last as long as fillers in the nose and other areas. This is because the mouth is constantly moving; hence the fillers expire sooner than the rest of the fillers in your body.

Are Lip Fillers Painful?

Many people have this misconception about getting lip fillers as they think it is one of the most painful procedures ever. However, that is not the case. When the fillers are injected, you may feel a slight sensation on your lip; however, a good doctor will ensure they numb the area before working on it.

How to Apply Lipstick on Droopy Lips?

Most women complain that their lips do not look plump when applying a sharp red lipstick. However, there are tricks and tools you can use from your home to give you a natural smile look. If you are using bold lipsticks, it is natural that your lip shape will be highlighted.

Hence, to avoid this, you can follow a trick that will help you look natural. It involves cosmetics that you probably have in your drawers and is super easy to pull out.

The trick is to stop applying the lipstick as soon as you meet the corners of your lips. This trick gives the illusion that your lips are plump and straight without them drooping down. You can enhance the look by putting on a concealer to the corners, making it appear as though it is your skin. Add a lip liner to make it look bolder and smile like it is your natural lip.


If you are looking to fix your downward turned lips, you must know all your options before you make a decision. Remember that all lips are beautiful regardless of their shape or size.


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