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When it comes to humor, there is a genre or category known as “black comedy.” This is basically a style that people use to make fun of serious topics or difficult situations. While most people find dark jokes amusing, there are some who may get uncomfortable.

You will find that dark humor jokes are generally quite appreciated by an audience and can certainly bring out a laugh or two. If you are thinking about using a few good dark jokes at a dinner party or to entertain close friends, it could certainly help you take center stage.

Let’s take a look at some dark jokes that might get everyone in the room laughing!

    1. “The Other Day, My Wife Asked for a Lipstick. I Gave Her a Glue Stick. She Isn’t Talking to Me Now.”

Now, you may argue that this is not really a dark joke, but it does border on a thin line that you may not want to cross. If you crack this in front of your partner, there could be an eye roll or even a smile, however, things could become uncomfortable as well.

The joke focuses on a marital relationship where the husband may be tired of listening to his wife. While it is quite humorous, you really have to take it with a pinch of salt. In the end, this is a dark joke and one which should be taken lightly.

    2.“Where Do You Find a Dog with No Legs? Right Where You Left it.”

This one is quite tricky and can lead to a few shocked faces or gasps of horror. But that’s what black humor jokes are all about. Once people are over their initial reaction, you might hear more than a few laughs. The joke takes into account the treatment of pets or animals when they are injured. Sometimes, owners may just leave and abandon their dog or cat if they have a permanent medical issue.

Since that requires additional care and attention, some people can just drop them off at empty grounds or outside properties and move away. It is a sad reality and these jokes make light of this behavior while also drawing attention toward this issue.

Before you crack this joke, you need to consider your audience carefully. It could make you an instant hit with friends or have people thinking that you are insensitive as well.

    3.“I Visited My Friend’s House. He Told Me to Make Myself at Home, So I Threw Him Out. I Hate Visitors.”

Come to think of it, this joke is quite hilarious and will certainly crack everyone up. It does sound like one of those really dark dad jokes that you may hear at an office party or come across in a group chat. The humor highlights how people may take their friend’s words at face value or literally and end up misinterpreting a statement completely.

The joke is also about those people who have little sense of boundaries and can invade the private space of their friends or family members. There is actually a lot of meaningful humor that could help you get a lot of laughs in a crowded room.

    4.“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away. Or at Least it Does If You Throw It Hard Enough.”

This is one dark joke that you could get away with easily. Unless, there is a doctor at the dinner table or in your family! The humorous take comes from the famous saying or phrase that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” It has been twisted around in quite a funny way and can surely get people smiling.

There really is no hard fact or truth behind the concept that people can avoid doctors if they eat apples every day. It’s why this statement has become popular as a joke in medical circles as well. In case you find yourself at a conference or in between a group of doctors, this might work as a good ice breaker!

However, you should keep in mind that people may get offended as well since the joke is about throwing an apple at a doctor.

     5.“I Don’t Have a Carbon Footprint. I Just Drive Everywhere.”

In this day and age, where climate change is a hotly debated topic and a rising concern, this joke could have mixed reactions. However, it is also a good way to shed further light on the issue and get more people talking about it. The fuels that are commonly used in transportation and cars can add the carbon footprint of an individual.

The humor comes from the contradiction and highlights the denial of people who refuse to cut down on their carbon footprint. This joke does happen to be quite funny and will help you score a lot of points with your audience.

While it is bound to get almost everyone in the room laughing, you may also help your family members or friends consider their role in being environmentally friendly.

    6.“Sometimes, I Remember All the People That I Have Lost. I Shouldn’t Have Been a Tour Guide.”

You cannot help but laugh or smile at the humor in this joke. While, the darkness cannot be missed, it is one of those funny dark jokes that could help you lighten up the mood anywhere. It plays on the career choice of a tour guide with the humor being in people being lost on the way. People in the profession have quite a huge responsibility of keeping everyone together and guiding them to the right places.

The humor in this joke comes from what can happen if you choose the wrong career. Sometimes, you may have to face serious consequences and could do a lot of damage as well. While most people would not think about it so deeply, this might be a dark joke that you need to save for your friends or family.

    7.“Today Was a Terrible Day. My Ex Got Hit by a Bus. And I Lost My Job as a Bus Driver!

When it comes to really dark jokes, this might rank on the top of the list. So you might want to think twice about cracking this one in a setting where there are colleagues or acquaintances. They may not take it very lightly as the joke is actually about trying to kill someone!

The humor highlights how bad relationships can take a toll on a person and cause them to take extreme measures. While nobody actually wants to “hit their ex with a bus,” the anger can at times get the better of most people.

So this dark joke is just a play on what someone might be willing to do to get back at their ex-partner. It may get quite a few laughs from the audience and could make you an instant hit with youngsters as well!

    8.“My Parents Raised Me as an Only Child, Which Really Annoyed My Younger Brother.”

As it is quite obvious, your younger siblings or brother might not really like this joke. It is one of those black humor jokes that really needs an open-minded audience and highlights different topics. Parents are not supposed to have favorites among children, however, you may often see each one of them behave differently with all the siblings.

Sometimes, the eldest does have quite a hold over the parents as they are the first child. The younger siblings could feel that their parents are more supportive or lenient toward them. This joke makes light of this subject and also highlights that parents can neglect one of their children over the other.

You may end up offending or hurting your sibling, or even make people uncomfortable by putting it out there. So when you crack this joke, try to make sure that the people around you have a similar sense of humor and can have good fun.

    9.“What Does My Dad Have in Common with Nemo? They Both Can’t Be Found.”

This is again one of those jokes that can make people look away in horror or smile forcibly. It adds a touch of humor to a very serious issue that someone might have experienced in their lives. If you are not aware or don’t remember, Nemo, was a clownfish in a blockbuster movie, Finding Nemo. It was based on his father’s journey to track him down after he is taken from his home.

The joke is about the absence of fathers or how they can be missing from their children’s lives. You may want to avoid this in a workplace gathering or formal event. However, with friends or family, it could be slightly easier to get a few smiles or laughs.

In the end, dark jokes can be quite tricky to navigate and you really want to read the room or know your audience before cracking a few. It doesn’t matter how humorous, witty, or clever they are, you need to make sure that you don’t offend or hurt someone.


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