How Community Involvement Can Save Earth?

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This might seem like an overestimation but community involvement is one of the most helpful ways to enrich the whole society together. The reason why some states and governments enforce community involvement is because they realize how important it is for all the members of the society.

With that being said, picking up unique elements of community involvement and talking about them will be sufficient to explain how community involvement can save the earth.


First, let’s talk a little about donations. One of the biggest examples of community involvement is donations. They are extremely important because they create a win-win situation for everyone. If we specifically talk about the people who are receiving donations, then they receive financial and non-financial help to live their life in a better way. For example, orphans who do not have a family receive food, a roof, clothes, toys, and a family (in the form of the orphanage). All of this is managed by donations that are given willfully by people.

But how does this create a win-win situation? Well, the people who are giving donations are imparting a very important and meaningful message for those who are watching. For starters, when children observe their parents donating to kind causes every now and then, chances are they will grow up to care about people as well. Moreover, giving and being generous can actually make you happy.

This is one single example of community involvement. Donations actually create a ripple effect. When underprivileged people are helped, they try to give it back to society by doing something big. Or, they may just become generous in the future if they are able to donate.

Donations are not limited in any way. There are multiple schools who work solely on donations, and they have hundreds of students who receive free, or low-priced education. They will inevitably grow up to be learned individuals who will make the society a better place to live.


Have you ever volunteered to help people in need? Or perhaps you worked to help your community through a struggling phase? Surprisingly, volunteering can look really simple and plain but the benefits it has are too many to count.

For instance, volunteering can help you make new friends and connections. When you volunteer for a cause, there are others who are working with you for the same cause. Since volunteering may last for a couple of days or weeks, chances are you’ll end up meeting new people. These new people may become your good friends. Who doesn’t need a good, genuine friend these days?

Another benefit of volunteering is that you’re helping those who cannot help themselves. You’re giving out a hand to an organization, a group of people, or your own community. This can assist you in connecting with your community.

For students, community involvement and particularly volunteering is a great way to polish their CV. Companies really appreciate acts such as volunteering because it makes them realize that you’re concerned about the society.

Furthermore, volunteering can also improve your social skills. The pandemic has really impacted the way we used to talk to people. If you’re feeling too caught up these days, try volunteering for a cause. You will interact with people and this will help you regain your social skills. Or if you’re generally awkward around people, this is your chance to reduce your awkwardness and to be social.

Reducing Stress Levels

Speaking of the pandemic, this time is really rough for some people. The economy isn’t doing that good, travel is restricted, and this virus isn’t going away any time soon. With that being said, community involvement or engagement can actually reduce your stress. A study highlights how community engagement promotes health, particularly mental health.

Around 33% of people are constantly stressed, according to a study. This means, most people you know in your life are stressed. Their stress levels can be brought down by community involvement or engagement. Meeting new people, making new friends, believing there is something of value in life, doing something meaningful, looking forward to tomorrow, and helping people. All of this can contribute to reduced stress levels.

Of course, when individuals care for others and not just themselves, they will begin to think more about others, and less for themselves. This will also contribute to higher self-esteem and a boosted self-confidence.


Not many people might be aware or may not have realized this, but community involvement can actually educate a lot of people. It is important to share a list of ways that community involvement does that all the time.

For starters, let’s talk about volunteering. People who volunteer, for let’s say, helping victims in an area that was hit by a storm, will know empathy. They will develop feelings for people and they will care beyond themselves. Moreover, they will also get to know how they can save flood victims.

Secondly, community involvement can increase environmental management. Most countries hold regular community involvement programs where teens are encouraged to join and participate. These events educate teenagers and citizens. For example, planting trees. This can lead teenagers and other citizens to care about the environment.

Community education programs that are classified under community involvement can actually allow teenagers and older people to be aware of diseases. This can allow them to have better health, not just for themselves but for others too. Of course, the things and concepts they learn, they will impact this to others they see and talk to like their friends or family.


All and all, community involvement is something that cannot be ignored. In fact, the more it is, the better because it does not help a single person, or two people, or a couple of people. It assists so many people in the society, and allows everyone to stand close to each other. Other than that, people who cannot afford, or cannot help themselves are assisted by people who choose to do it voluntarily.

This can create new connections between people and allow the society to become kinder toward each other. This is always a good indication that the society is growing together. When people start to care for each other like they care about themselves, community involvement will become something normal and people won’t feel burdened after helping or assisting anyone with anything.


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