Choosing the Right Cord Blood Bank in Dubai: Factors to Consider

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Being a parent in this modern world is a matter of tension. We need to take care of various things at once to become proper parents.

Welcoming someone to this toxic world is a difficult decision after marriage. The basic hope of light will come with a baby. Believe it or not, babies are the source of happiness in married life when both mother and father are ready to take on the responsibilities.

Considerably, the contemporary world is more hectic, with opportunities and threats awaiting your child. Your child will be in trouble if you do not plan ahead in such a situation. 

The responsibility of parents takes more than what you think now, and the wise solution is to plan. Planning for your baby’s future is the only solution to make the development process smooth. This is why reserving your newborn’s cord blood in Dubai baby is one such wise solution that you may take. Well, not many parents are aware of this solution. The lack of knowledge is a serious issue in our life. We may consider wrong decisions due to the lack of knowledge. 

This is why we feel that you will get better ideas from here regarding the first plan for your child’s future. If you are expecting a baby, you must understand the cord blood storing process, also known as cord blood banking.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Cord Blood Banking


Choosing a cord blood bank will be your first instance after deciding to keep the cord blood stored for your baby’s future. 

While thinking about your baby’s future is your main concern, you cannot get rid of their health concerns. It is said that cord blood can save your child from almost 80 critical diseases. 

In a cord blood bank, you can store (private) or donate (public) the blood from the umbilical cord present in the placenta or the mother. However, with the advancement of technology, healthcare treatments are also getting advanced. 

Cord blood banking is getting popular as a modern process of saving lives. So, blood banks are also emerging, and not all are perfect for you. If you don’t want to get scammed, follow these factors before choosing the cord blood bank. 



Experience is the key factor in deciding a particular cord blood bank. When you have no idea which one to choose, try to consider experience as a criterion of your choice. 

For instance, some cord blood banks are new in the market, but you cannot rely on them. Instead, considering the cord blood banks that have been in the market for a long time and provide genuine service to their consumers can be within your options. 


Apart from the experience, stability matters a lot. While scouting for a cord blood bank, your main motto should be to find private cord blood banks as they have been the only source to store cord blood for years. 

Instead, if you go for public cord blood banks, there is no guarantee to get your baby’s cord blood after years when you need it. These blood banks are using your cord blood as your donation to the health sector, which they will use in an emergency for the public. 

So, go for only the private cord blood banks if you want to store it with a guarantee. Besides that, consider the cord blood bank, which has a laboratory. 


Price is a big issue when considering a cord blood bank. Try not to get robbed but understand the market value of cord blood storage and then go for it.

Depending on your financial situation, you can either go for affordable monthly rates or consider a one-time payment. 


A bigger inventory will help protect your child’s future better. The condition of a cord blood bank can be understood through the volume of inventory. You can also check the quality of a cord blood bank inventory before you store it. 


Certifications from AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), FDA, AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks), WHO, and CAP may matter a lot to exploring the world of benefits with cord blood banks. 

Try to look for these accreditations and validate your choice with a government assurance. 


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