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Celtic Zodiac Signs

A lot of people are familiar with the western zodiac system, complete with signs based on constellations and stars above anything else, as it is the most widely talked about zodiac system in the western world.

However, a lot of people also don’t realize that there are far more zodiac systems than just the western one and that there may actually be a zodiac system that you identify more with. From the famous Chinese zodiac to other types of zodiacs, you might be surprised to learn just how many there are in the world.

A good example of this is the Celtic zodiac system, which is not often focused on unless you are interested in Irish astrology. This zodiac system was drawn from the ancient inhabitants of modern-day Ireland and is quite unique when compared to the more common zodiac systems that people refer to today.

If you want to understand more about zodiacs, their origins, and what their signs might mean for you, learning about the Celtic zodiac system is a great place to start since there aren’t many people who know about it. Learning about what the Celtic zodiac signs mean can help you feel more aligned with who you really are, especially if you feel a deep connection to Irish heritage and history.

Where Did This Zodiac System Originate?

As with all zodiac systems, the Celtic zodiac system had to originate from somewhere. While it is hard to confirm because there aren’t as many accounts of it as there are with other zodiac systems, it is heavily believed that the Celtic zodiac system was based mostly on the beliefs of the druids of Ireland and the cycles of the moon. This zodiac system will divide the year into 13 lunar months, with each month corresponding with a tree that is sacred to the druids.

Much as with other zodiac systems, each sign corresponds with a type of “power” or “energy” and the Celtic zodiac system is no different in this sense. Each lunar sign would be assigned to a sacred tree and it was believed that one’s personality would correspond with that tree’s attributes. For example, someone being born under the Birch tree would be tough and resilient, just as the birch tree is a hardy and sturdy tree.

Within the Celtic zodiac system, you would also be assigned an Ogham, or a symbol, to mark your lunar month. There would also be a color, animal, and gemstone assigned to your lunar month as well to help you further identify your traits and your personality type. Because nature and trees were such an important figure in Irish mythology, especially for the druids, it is important to learn more about the trees that correspond with the Celtic zodiac system.

The Signs of the Celtic Zodiac System

To begin understanding the Celtic zodiac signs meanings, you are first going to want to know what those signs are. There are two predominant Celtic zodiac signs that people work with and rely on in modern times, and those are both the trees and the animals. For the nature-oriented druids of Celtic origin, both of these signs would carry a lot of meaning that you could derive from them, allowing you to easily have an understanding of what your personality is and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

The trees of the Celtic zodiac system begin with the Birch tree, then the Rowan tree, then the Ash tree, then the Alder tree, then the Willow tree, then the Hawthorn tree, then the Oak tree, then the Holly tree, then the Hazel tree, then the Vine, then Ivy, then Reed, and finally finishing off the year with the Elder tree. Each of these signs corresponds with a lunar month of approximately three to four weeks, allowing there to be 13 signs in a full year.

The animals of the Celtic zodiac system will begin with the Stag, then the Cat, then the Adder, then the Fox, then the Cow (sometimes referred to as the Bull), then the Seahorse, then the Wren, then the Horse, then the Salmon (sometimes referred to as the Fish), then the Swan, then the Butterfly, then the Wolf (sometimes referred to as the Hound), then finishing off the year with the Hawk, which can be referred to as the Falcon as well. These signs correspond with those same lunar months as the trees do, allowing you to have both a tree and an animal sign.

What Do the Tree Signs Mean?

Those born under the Birch tree are known as the Achievers for their motivation and strength. Those born under the Rowan are known as the Thinkers for their aloof but thoughtful personalities. Those born under the Ash are known as the Enchanters for their thoughtful and nature-focused personalities. Those born under the Alder are known as the Trailblazers for their passionate approach to life and action-oriented lifestyles. Those born under the Willow are known as the Observers for their patient but ambitious personalities.

Those born under the Hawthorn are known as the Illusionists for their creative insight and their ability to listen to everyone. Those born under the Oak are known as the Stabilizers as oak trees are commonly associated with strength, hardiness, and often family. Those born under the Holly are known as the Rulers as holly is commonly associated with regalness and nobility. Those born under the Hazel are known as the Knowers, being academically inclined in almost all aspects.

Those born under the Vine are known as the Equalizers, able to see the good in all sides and work with everyone on their problems. Those born under the Ivy are known as the Survivors as ivy is an incredibly durable plant and this can translate to the person as well. Those born under the Reed are known as the Inquisitors, being curious, knowledge-oriented, and talented at keeping secrets. And finally, those born under the Elder are known as the Seekers, the ones who live life in the fast lane and are honest to all.

What Do the Animal Signs Mean?

Those born under the Stag are known for their intuitive and empathetic nature. Those born under the Cat are known for being the type to “always land on their feet”, just as a cat would, and being as independent as they come. Those born under the Adder are associated with health and rebirth as well as a high intuition. Those born under the Fox are naturally cunning, clever, and sly people, being the tricksters of the bunch.

Those born under the Cow are known for being both loyal and stubborn to a fault with a dash of optimism. Those born under the Seahorse are attributed with the ocean, which is seen as powerful in the Celtic religion, giving the Seahorse strength in their lives. Those born under the Wren are known for being industrious and full of energy. Those born under the Horse are known for being strong and associated with wealth and grace.

Those born under the Salmon are known for being stubborn and committed to their goals, just as a salmon is committed to swimming upstream. Those born under the Swan are known for their beauty both on the inside and outside. Those born under the Butterfly are known for their transformations and their lightheartedness, just as butterflies are in the wild. Those born under the Wolf are known for being self-confident and driven. And finally, those born under the sign of the Falcon are known for being wise and having an outlook on life that not everyone else can quite see.

What Makes the Celtic Zodiac Special?

The Celtic zodiac is one that certainly stands out from the rest when it comes to what signs it associates with and what those meanings hold for the people who assign meaning to them. The Celtic people were highly nature-focused and this is reflected in their zodiac signs as they all correspond with some form of nature, whether that be an animal or a tree. Keep in mind that to the druids, all trees were considered sacred.

Whether you have Irish heritage and you want to honor that by looking into the Celtic zodiac to see where you fall or you are simply someone who is also as in tune with nature as the Celtic people were, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider associating with the Celtic zodiac system.

In many cases, people who find importance in the Celtic zodiac system are often people who appreciate what nature has to offer. If this sounds like you, then there’s no way you could go wrong with this.

There is even more to the Celtic zodiac system than this, though, as there are also gemstones, colors, and the shamanic Irish alphabetical symbol that is assigned to each of the lunar months that corresponds with this system. If this is a zodiac system that you feel you can strongly identify with, then the best thing that you can do for yourself is to research more and look into it.


The Celtic zodiac system is one that is unique in today’s world, especially in a time when people focus more on the stars that are in the sky and out of everyone’s reach than the trees and nature around them.

If you are struggling to identify with other zodiac systems because of this, then you may want to consider looking into the Celtic zodiac system as it feels grounded, is down to earth, and has countless connections to nature that run as deep as Irish mythology itself does.


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