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The world is inhabited by over seven billion people and all of them have different beliefs. Each individual on the planet has a unique personality, which is why it is impossible for the earth’s population to have the same ideas and beliefs.

There are more than 4,000 religions in the world, but major religions are only a few in number. The world’s largest religion today is Christianity with 2.4 billion followers. Christianity has multiple branches, but the two largest ones are the Catholic Church and Protestantism.

Catholic One Liners and Jokes

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian church by number of followers. The followers of the Catholic Church are called Catholics. Making fun of a religion is a very insensitive thing to do. People should have the right to believe in what they want without getting targeted for it. But it is not impossible to make inoffensive jokes.

Many Catholic one liners don’t target the beliefs of the Catholics and can be enjoyed by everyone without being hurtful.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ones!

The Light Bulb

One of the most popular joke formats in the world is asking someone how many people it takes to change a light bulb. The word people is often replaced by the name of professionals such as lawyers and scientists. Although the joke is often based on a stereotype, it doesn’t have to be. Here’s an example where it is funny without being offensive:

“How many Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?”

“None. They use candles.”

The way everyone has started collecting scented candles goes to show that Catholics were on to something. There’s definitely something about candles that bring people peace.

Pun Intended

No category of jokes can ever be completed without making a few puns. Although dads are often known for telling jokes that revolve around a pun, you can also make a pun and get to enjoy the resulting groans of your friends. You can also learn this religious pun and share it with your church group to make them laugh:

“Need an ark to save two of every animal?”

“I Noah guy.”

This pun is strong enough to challenge every dad joke out there. You can give a tough competition to your dad at the next family gathering by memorizing this pun.

Science and Religion

People often say that science and religion cannot coexist. Some believe that science is superior while others think that religion is the only thing that matters. There are also those who believe in both science and religion and want everyone else to drop this versus that debate. The agenda to end the religion versus science battle can be supported by jokes like this one:

“Does light have mass?”

“No. It’s not even Catholic!”

For now, none of us know the religion of light. But if light wants to keep its beliefs secret, we shouldn’t push it to share them with us.

Jesus at the Bank

Jokes that put people of old times in modern settings will always be funny. But they become more hilarious when you put a religious personality in a modern setting. For instance, imagine if you went to the bank and saw Jesus in the line. That would make you wonder what Jesus is doing at a bank. Fortunately, this joke can help you figure out the truth behind this imaginary scenario:

“Jesus walked into a bank and asked to put something in the bank. When asked what He wanted to put in the bank, Jesus replied, ‘A DEPOSIT OF FAITH!’”

Every Catholic knows of the importance of deposit of faith and holds it near to their hearts. So, it would make sense if someone would want to keep the deposit of faith safe in a bank.

The First

Can you imagine being the first human being on Earth? Adam does not have to imagine. Only he knows what it means to be the first of your kind. Catholics can only learn of Adam’s life through scriptures, but no one can truly know of the life he lived with Eve. But here’s one of the benefits Adam enjoyed for being the first:

“Who is the fastest runner of all time?

Adam, because he was first in the human race.”

No matter how many runners we produce in the future, Adam will always be the first.

Catholic Cats

No one knows whether animals have religious beliefs or not. But animals are mentioned in different holy books and scriptures. Animals will have their own place in the afterlife according to every religion. But did you know that you can also make puns about the afterlife of a certain animal?

“Where do cats go after they die?”

“The Purrr-gatory!”

Interestingly, this pun also works in various other languages. If you are not a native English-speaker, you can try to figure out if this pun can work in your native language or not.

Very Important

For Catholics, attending service is a vital part of their faith. Attending mass is a way for people to stay connected to their faith and to interact with others who share the same beliefs as them. It makes people realize that they are a part of a community. But did you know that some church services are more important than the others?

“What do you call a Catholic service that is very important?”

“Critical Mass.”

Critical or not, one shouldn’t miss a mass if they don’t want to put distance between themselves and their religion.

With puns and dad jokes, you can make people laugh on any topic. Some people might make it seem like it is impossible to make jokes on certain topics without being offensive, but it is possible. Religion and religious beliefs of people are sensitive topics.

If you don’t want anyone to comment on your beliefs, then you shouldn’t make fun of their beliefs either. But you can make lighthearted jokes because they won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments. The Catholic one liners and jokes mentioned above are all inoffensive and can even be shared in a Catholic gathering.


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