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Butt jokes are not something new. But with time, new additions have been made to the list of butt jokes that you can share with your friends and family.

The Internet, as expected, is the best place to find the best butt jokes. You will find them even if you don’t go looking for them because they are that common.

The Best Butt Jokes

Since bottoms have so many different nicknames such as bum, booty, and tush, different variations of butt jokes can be created easily. The nicknames also make it easier for people to come up with new jokes about bottoms.

For most people, bottoms are already quite funny, which is why even a simple joke about them can sound hilarious to them. There are a few best ones that could get anyone to laugh out loud!

A Classroom Joke

You may have never twisted your teacher’s words or argued with them because you were a good student, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good classroom joke. Sometimes, kids take the words of adults literally, and hilarity ensues. One such example of this is:

Teacher: “Why are you on the floor in the doorway with only your upper body in the class?”

Students: “Because you said no butts!”

Doesn’t this make you wish you would have been a bit rebellious at school? Whether your answer is yes or no, you can’t deny how funny the joke is.

The Scary Bottom of the Ocean

The deeper you go in the ocean, the scarier it becomes. But like every other scary topic, the Internet has managed to make a lot of jokes about the bottom of the ocean. Along with theories as to what is at the bottom of the ocean, we also have a lot of jokes that talk about the underwater creatures.

But did you know you can also make butt jokes about the ocean?

“What is the biggest bum in the world?”

“The bottom of the ocean.”

Knowing this joke can come in handy. Whenever someone calls another person the biggest bum in the world, you can remind them that only the bottom of the ocean is worthy of that title.

Butt Puns

Puns can be quite infuriating. The longer it takes you to understand a pun, the stronger your hatred for it will be. But you can’t deny that puns are hilarious. Even the horrible puns make people laugh. When talking about butt jokes, you can’t ignore butt puns and their power to make people laugh.

“Someone butt-dialed me again yesterday. It seems like only assholes want to talk to me.”

You can’t deny how good this pun is. You can easily make your friends laugh by telling this joke. They might think you are telling a true story when you start the joke. But by the end, they will be laughing with you.

For Flirting

Whether it is a collection of butt jokes or horrible puns, it would be incomplete without a pickup line. Some people might say that flirting is an art. But in modern times, you can’t get anywhere without telling a few jokes on the way. A bad pickup line might just help you win the heart of your crush. But even if it doesn’t, it will make them laugh.

Here’s a pickup line that you can try on your crush today:

“Did you swallow uranium? Because you have a nuclear bum.”

If they reject you after this, they lack taste.

For the Lazy Ones

Lazy people get a lot of hate for not doing anything at all. But the plus point is that they do have a few jokes dedicated to them. They can learn these jokes and make people laugh at their own expense.

One lazy joke that doubles as a bum joke goes like this:

“I don’t understand why my wife hates me for being a lazy bum. It’s not like I did anything.”

Even the people who get blamed for something they didn’t do cannot understand the pain of lazy ones.

Space Talk

Space is fascinating to everyone. There are a lot of jokes and puns based on space and planets. There’s no reason for there not to be a butt joke related to space. The best space butt joke goes like this:

“How do you get a thick and muscular butt in space?”

“With an asteroid.”

Puns, Puns Everywhere

You can never get tired of clever puns. If you are telling butt jokes, don’t ignore puns because that’s where you will find the most hilarious jokes. The best thing about puns is that there’s no end to them. You can keep making new pun jokes every day.

Here’s a butt pun to make you laugh:

“Who has two butts and kills people?”

“An assassin.”

Something for the Pain

The different names for bottoms mean an endless supply of puns. Another butt joke that relies on a pun goes like this:

“What should you take when your butt hurts?”

“An asspirin.”

A Butthole

Sometimes, a very simple joke can be quite hilarious. An example of this is the joke below that can have anyone smiling.

“What happens when you shoot someone in the butt?”

“You give them a new butthole.”

Kids love jokes like this one. So, don’t forget to share it with your kids.

Stop Being Cheeky

No one likes it when someone is being too cheeky. But being cheeky is completely acceptable behavior among friends. Interestingly, you can also make a butt joke about being cheeky. It goes like this:

“Why did the butt get a slap?”

“Because it was being too cheeky.”

It is another example of jokes that are both annoying and funny.

Kids become interested in butt jokes from an early age. But even as adults, people continue to enjoy making and telling butt jokes. The butt jokes mentioned above are the ones you can share with your friends and family with the surety that they will make everyone laugh. Learn these jokes so you can be the star of your next social gathering.


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