How to Go From Beginner to Winner at Blackjack?

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This casino banking game requires little to no introduction. Blackjack is also known as “21.” The key to winning this game is to understand its rules and regulations thoroughly. You have to understand that your main goal as a player is to beat the hand played by the dealer without tipping over 21.

There are many types of blackjack rules and etiquette that you need to follow so that you can become amazing at it.

Use One Hand to Hold the Cards

This is a basic rule for most card games, especially those in which the dealer deals the cards face down. You have to pick up the cards that are pitched to you with one hand. This etiquette applies to multi-deck and single-deck blackjack games.

Casinos enforce this rule because it prevents players from tampering, switching, or cheating with their cards.

Do Not Hand Over Your Money to the Dealer Directly

This is another rule of etiquette that you must follow if you want to play blackjack with ease. Never hand your money to the dealer directly. Casinos have a lot of security cameras installed all over the place. Some are placed directly above the table. These cameras give a clear view of whatever is happening at the table.

You need to place your money on the blackjack table so that the dealer can fan the money out so that the entire transaction is counted and recorded by the camera. After this, the equivalent number of chips will be handed over to you.

Study Card Values Before You Start Playing the Game

This is another rule that you should know about before you start playing blackjack. All cards have the same value as their ranks except for the aces and face cards. An ace card counts either as an 11 or 1. It depends entirely on the value that suits your hand.

You must know that the best possible hand you could have is the one that totals 21. If you have two cards that total up to 21, then you have a scenario that pays 3:2.

Never Remove Any Cards

This is a rule that you must absolutely follow at all times. The security at casinos is extremely strict. You must keep your activity entirely open for the security cameras to view. Anything that even slightly hints towards foul play can get you into trouble with the casino security. Your cards should be in the complete view of the cameras at all times. Never remove a card off the table.

Be Careful About Choosing a Table

Only six or seven people can be accommodated by a blackjack table. If you are interested in playing at a particular table and you find it to be full, then do not try to edge in anyhow. That is not the correct etiquette. Sometimes you might find a table that has an empty seat but the betting position is closed.

As a rule of thumb, when looking for a blackjack table to play at, always look for empty chairs and then confirm the betting position.

Correct Way to Bet Behind a Player

In some casinos, you may be allowed to bet behind another player when a table is full. The common etiquette that you need to follow in this case is to get the permission of the person behind whom you want to bet. Once they agree, you are not supposed to try to influence their gameplay. Let them make their own decisions.

Even though you might be betting behind them, they are still solely in charge of their final decision. It would be best to act as a bystander.

Interaction with Casino Employees

You need to remember at all times that dealers are casino employees who are on their job the entire time that they are dealing with you. You can be casual but not too informal, since that makes the dealers and other employees uncomfortable. Make sure that you treat them with the respect that is commanded by any individual.

Any kind of altercation between you and another employee can get the security involved right away.


Some of these blackjack rules and etiquette can come across as redundant and self explanatory. But when you are new to a game, you can miss out on certain basic rules and that can cause embarrassment for you at the casino. It is better that you become well versed at all the kind of etiquette that needs to be followed so that you can play smoothly.


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