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Teenage birthday parties are difficult to plan because you can no longer opt for pirate and princess themes, and you need to choose a fantastic theme. Since the “cool” factor constantly changes, it’s challenging for parents to throw a birthday party.

However, there are various birthday party ideas for teens that they will love and won’t cost you a leg and an arm.

Pool Party

In warmer regions, throwing a pool party for your teen’s birthday is the most fun choice. You can fill up the pool with oversized inflatables, create a teen-friendly mocktail, and let them have fun. While sending out the invitations, you must mention that it’s a pool party so that everyone can bring their bathing suits and sunscreen. As a host, you need to provide some fresh towels.

As for the location, if you don’t have a pool in your home, you can hire a local community pool for a day and host everything there. This is a promising option for kids aged thirteen years old or higher. Once you go ahead with the idea, make sure that a responsible adult supervises the kids, and only the swimmers should be allowed in the pool.

Shopping Party

It might sound expensive to take your teen and their friends out shopping, but it’s a low-cost choice. One can hire personal shoppers to help your teen shop for the new outfits. The personal shopper option is available at various stores for nominal or zero fees. Also, since their friends will be around, they can click snaps and choose the outfits they like.

This shopping party can be arranged at the local shopping mall and is perfect for teens aged fourteen years old or up. Also, it’s suggested to purchase a gift certificate for this and give it to your teen so that they can shop on their own. To summarize, it’s a fine choice if your teen has only three to four friends as stores are hesitant in taking in too many people.

Hotel Sleepover

If your teens are grownups, they will appreciate the independence and plush surroundings that come with hotel sleepovers. There are chances that a hotel will have a game room, swimming, and an option to rent a movie before they sleep. It is better that you rent an adjoining room, so you can be close if they need help without nosing in their gossip sessions.

The hotel sleepover idea is suitable for teens aged sixteen years old or up. As far as the guests are concerned, this is suitable for an intimate and small party as most hotels have caps on the number of guests you can invite in a room.

Paintball Party

Teens often have a lot of energy that they don’t know how to release, and paintball parties are a great way to let them release some steam. However, make sure to choose the paintball place where teams aren’t mixed up, so your kid can play with their friends. After the paintball battle, you can take them to a family-friendly café and let them feast on wings or pizza.

The paintball sites have different age restrictions, so it’s best to check with them before sending out the invites. If the plan is done, tell the kids to wear multiple layers as paintball hits can be hurtful. In addition, ensure that you have confirmed RSVPs available, so you only pay for the people who show up.

Modeling Shoots

Every teen goes through a phase where they want to be a fashion diva, so arranging a modeling shoot for them is a good choice. With this party, you can provide various clothes, makeup, and other styling products and let them have fun with dolling up. As for the shoot, you can be a photographer or hire a local photographer to give them a good feel.

The modeling shoot party is suitable for kids aged fifteen years or up but supervising is essential to ensure they don’t take inappropriate pictures. Lastly, you can purchase the photo props from the local dollar store and invite their friends!

Dinner Party

If you can cook, playing chef and waitress for your teen and their friends is an excellent way of letting them enjoy while keeping an eye. You can ask their friends to wear their fanciest clothes, including prom-style dresses and tuxedos, so that they can enjoy the experience of haute cuisine.

As for the menu, make something fancy and serve sparkling apple juice in the champagne flutes.

This party can be transformed into a movie-filled sleepover to create a more memorable experience.

This party idea is suitable for kids aged thirteen or up but make sure to ask about food-based allergies, so there is something for everyone on the table. To summarize, this party idea is suitable for kids over thirteen.

Fear Factor Party

If you think of something hilarious yet memorable, hosting a Fear Factor party is your best bet. You can plan an array of trials and challenges, ask your kids to play, and let them progress through various levels until a final winner is selected.

For the challenges, you can play the guessing game and egg challenge. The egg challenge includes preparing the bowl of boiled eggs with one or two raw eggs, and the kids have to pop the eggs on their heads. The kid who chooses the boiled egg will win.

Also, before you plan the party, make sure that kids aren’t allergic to eggs and don’t push anyone to play. Lastly, this party can be hosted at home, so go ahead with the regular decorations.

Movie Night

Every teen has a curfew, but on their birthday, plan an outdoor movie night and let them choose the movie of their choice. It’s possible to take them out to a movie cinema, but you can also set up the screen and projector in your backyard and let them enjoy some rom-com with snacks.

You can use picnic blankets or huge throw rugs with many pillows to make comfortable seating. Lastly, don’t forget to put up string lights or lanterns to add a warm ambiance.


Planning a birthday party is an enormous task, especially for teens who are hard to understand. As a parent, focus on planning a party that you would like as an adult and tone it down a bit. As teenagers like to act like adults, they will enjoy these adult-like experiences on their birthday!


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