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Rick and Morty card games are based on the iconic TV show that has a massive base of hardcore fans all over the world. It’s a crazy blend of sci-fi, raw characterization, and lots of laughs, originally based on a Cartoon Network’s Channel 101 brainchild called The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Mharti.

In 2013, Adult Swim premiered a show called Rick and Morty, which had a lot of dark humor, sci-fi plots, and garnered a huge fan base. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, this adult dark comedy show focused on the crazy and out-of-this-world misadventures of the smartest man in the universe, Rick, and his often insecure grandson, Morty.

The show’s first three seasons, which many people have viewed numerous times, were filled with fun and chaos-on-a-stick escapades with potentially harmful consequences. Season four just ended recently and can be viewed on Adult Swim. If you prefer to stream it, try Hulu and HBO Max, which have the US streaming rights.

The show’s beginning premise made fun of cease and desist letters generated by a less-than-equitable legal system. In reality, it was a take on the human condition with an emphasis on the existence of God through its characters. Its underlying theme was the creator being against the created. A philosophy that Roiland and Harmon said, “Got us nowhere.” 

Top 5 Rick and Morty Card Games

If you’re a card game or board game aficionado, you’re sure to appreciate our list of top five Rick and Morty card games. All of them are incredibly fun and can offer hours of fun for hardcore fans as well as people who’ve never heard of the show. Read on and pick your favorite game to spice up your next game night with a dash of raw humor and healthy insanity. 

Total Rickall

Based on an episode where parasites implant pseudo memories into everyone’s brains and where the big question is, “Is Mr. Poopybutthole real,” Total Rickall can be played cooperatively or as a team. You can be either a parasite or a real person. Played in original mode, this game is a cooperative endeavor where most of the players are parasites. The goal is to save the real people and kill the parasites. Each player gets action cards – some of which allow you to peek at another character’s true identity. You play only one card per round. In the “advanced” mode, there are no identity crises; everyone gets an identity card. The goal in advanced mode is for the parasites to stay as they are. If they get killed, they turn into “a real boy.” Learning how to play Total Rickall is easy and fun.


  • Two playing modes
  • Cooperative gameplay
  • High replayability
  • It’s a super Rick and Morty themed game 


  • Rick and Morty fans will enjoy it the most
  • The game is best if played only with four players  

Rick and Morty: Anatomy Park

Again, this card game is based on the TV episode where Morty is at a theme park jam-packed with infectious diseases carried by some homeless guy named Reuben. The goal of the game is to fight off the diseases in the form of various bodily functions, including (but not limited to) gonorrhea, tuberculosis, or something as simple and as dangerous as airborne pathogens from coughing. Sounds familiar? Players build their theme parks until they decide to escape Reuben’s body, continue playing for points, or die alongside Reuben. As with most card games, the winner is the one who has the most points.


  • The theme borrows a lot from the original TV episode
  • It is full of non-stop action until the very end of the game
  • The playing tiles encourage lots of replay time 


  • Tokens called “victory points” are hard to earn and challenging to keep track of  

Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind

A game lasting anywhere from 30 to 70 minutes and made for two to five players, Close Rick-Counter of the Rick Kind is, of course, based solely on another episode from the TV show. In this episode, Rick is taken hostage by a bunch of Ricks from other dimensions and taken to the Council fo Ricks to be put on trial for his crimes against Ricks. These crimes are, of course, Rickdickulous.

This card game is a deck-building game similar to other deck builder games, only with a lot of Rick and Morty special seasoning. Each player gets ten cards to start and uses them to purchase better cards to build their deck to a point where a player can kill off the Evil Rick. All the character cards have super abilities and special traits, which makes this game fun, fast-paced, and dynamic.


  • Every player is Rick
  • It has a great Rick and Morty theme
  • The game is a great introduction to the world of deck-building 


  • Not everyone likes deck-building
  • If you’ve never watched Rick and Morty, you probably just won’t “get it”  

The Ricks Must Be Crazy

This game revolves around the episode where Rick and Morty get shrunk and consequently end up stuck inside a broken car battery. Meanwhile, Morty discovers the battery is a “microverse” – a whole tiny universe created by Rick just to power his car. It’s confusion-on-a-stick where the goal is to get the most points. The game consists of four of these multiverses: a “teenyverse,” a “miniverse,” a “microverse,” and a “Rickverse,” with each player building their own “verse” beginning with the smallest one. 

The game starts with five cards, and each round determines what multiverse the player is in. I find it coincidental that scientists claim we may live in a Multiverse. Does that make us crazy, too? May the power of the “multiverse” be with you in this game where points are determined by the number of players in the game.


  • The multiverses make this game very unique
  • Non-stop player interaction with powerful outcomes during the game 


  • Some phases of the game can be a bit boring
  • The game can be too complex for beginners  

Rick and Morty Trivial Pursuit

We would be remiss if we didn’t offer insight to this Rick and Morty game because if you think you’re an expert on everything Rick and Morty, guess again! This special edition of Trivial Pursuit has over 600 questions about the show. The questions cover general show topics and hard-to-recall tidbits only Rick and Morty zealots would remember. If you are a Trivial Pursuit lover, this Rick and Morty version of the game is made for you.


  • Game is enjoyed by those people who have a penchant for remembering little-known facts.
  • Anyone who loves Trivial Pursuit will love this customized version. 


  • You can only enjoy this version of the game if you are a Rick and Morty fan.  

More Rick and Morty Card Games

While not on our list of top 5, these five Rick and Morty games are still great fun and deserve your attention: 

  • Rick and Morty Munchkin lets you take on the role of Morty, Rick. Beth, Jerry, Summer, and even Mr. Poopybutthole as you defend Earth from dastardly aliens. 
  • Rick and Morty: Mr. Meeseeks’ Box O’ Fun is a game with a Truth or Dare twist.     
  • Rick and Morty: The Pickle Rick Game has huge character cards, 28 tiles, 10 Russian Guards, and more.      
  • Rick and Morty: Back In Blackout is a custom-made Clue-like mystery game with players trying to solve who (or what) stole Rick’s gun.       
  • Rick and Morty: Risk gives players the ability to choose which faction they wish to align themselves with: the Gazorpians, the Robot Dogs, the Apocalyptic People, the Mythologs, or the evilest of all – the U.S. government. Work as a team, forge secret alliances, defeat the foe, and conquer the world!  


If you are a card game buff and love Rick and Morty, you’ll appreciate any of the Rick and Morty card games listed above. Whether you are a huge Rick and Morty addict or just someone who enjoys original and innovative card games, any of these games would be a great addition to your collection. Each of these games is weird and darkly twisted like the show itself, offering hours of fun with a darkly humorous twist of the Rick and Morty universe we all know and love.


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