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Are you wearing your VPN Mask? Have you chosen the VPN mask of your choice? Or is it a more relevant question to ask; Do you even know what is meant by the term “VPN Mask”?

With the Covid-19 mask phenomenon, the term mask has been used almost as often as hello and how are you. Some are calling 2020 the year of the Mask.

But how does the term VPN or Virtual Private Network tie into the word Mask?

VPN Mask

The VPN Mask is, in fact, a digital mask, which is what a VPN facilitates, masking one’s digital footprints in many different ways. Let’s delve into the various aspects of the VPN mask and explore VPN protection from a high-level perspective, such as what is VPN protection and some of its pertinent elements relating to the VPN mask.

The Geo-VPN Mask

The Geo-VPN Mask ties into security and convenience options for cyber content experiences and general online experiences, such as how Google searches, and for that reason, this mask is very noteworthy.

By masking your location and connecting to a VPN location in another country or even a city within the country you are physically situated, youareahead in the cyber security game already. You are not revealing to the hacker, cyber-criminal organization, or any other party on the internet not only your “real” physical IP, but also your actual physical location.

You could be in Canada, and your VPN could be set to a server in New Zealand, for example, and this makes it much harder for a hacker or any other party interested in metadata relating to you, which could be used for planning a cyberattack.

Online Content VPN Mask

Online content may be subject to geo-location restrictions due to many different factors outside the scope of this article.

Entertainment providers such as Netflix & SoundCloud will prevent certain content from being available based on geo-location restrictions.

For example, even in predominantly close-in-proximity countries whose language is mostly English, for example, the United States and Canada, some content visible in Canada may be hidden in the United States and vice-versa.

Even with a half-decent VPN, a US-based user can switch to a VPN server in Canada and view all the content as if they were physically in Canada.

The Travel VPN Mask

You may be on your dream vacation, and imagine just that moment you want to play some of your favorite hits on the beach, hotel balcony, or poolside patio on your SoundCloud account. When you click on that song, you are just CRAVING to listen to at that moment, the app renders the following dreadful and disappointing message “Not available in your country.”

If you have a “VPN Mask,” all you need to do is wear it, and all you need to worry about is to enjoy that tune as you are sipping on a Pina Colada enjoying the sun and the majestic views of nature.

The VPN Data Mask

Many reputable clients use robust encryption protocols such as AES-256, which means that the data is scrambled and locked via a key that could take unimaginable amounts of time to guess. Would over a million years be convincing enough (it is much much more).

Double Data Scramble Mask

Beyond employing robust encryption protocols, some of the more reputable VPN providers will scramble your traffic to other VPN users’ traffic, making it impossible even for the most sophisticated hacker to figure out.

Let’s hope some of the high-level explanations in this article have convinced you without a speck of a doubt of the cyber importance of wearing your VPN mask.


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