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If you were born in late January or mid February, you are an Aquarius. On the other hand, if you are born in late September or October, you are probably a Libra. The two actually have a great connection and in many cases, they tend to fall very hard at each other.

When you discuss astrology, you should know that there are several important things that need to be talked about. For instance, the Libra and Aquarius usually have a very strong chemistry.

However, they have many traits that set them apart as well. Are Libra and Aquarius soulmates? Before we go further and talk about what draws them together, let’s talk about their individual traits.

Libra Traits

A Libra is one who loves balance, though in many cases, they are incredibly self-indulgent. However, one of the things that you should know about the Libra is that they are quite charming and very disciplined. They don’t mind going out of their way for their partners or friends, but they want order restored as quickly as possible. Here are some traits of a Libra.

  1. They Are Diplomatic

Think of a Libra as a natural peacemaker. They are very good at conversation and they know how to resolve different things. You will hardly find a Libra speaking in a loud volume or instigating a fight. They are incredibly friendly and they understand just how their words are likely to impact others. It is one of the reasons why they are so selective in what they say.

They try to find common ground with as many people as they can. If they don’t have anything in common with a person that they want to connect with, you can fairly bet that Libra is going to try and look for a particular thing that the two can connect on. It’s just their habit.

  1. They Are Very Just

Fairness and justice are two of the most important Libra traits. In fact, you should know that these people have a very acute sense of fairness and justice, and they want to make sure that everyone gets their due. They are quite passionate about normalizing things and making sure that there is natural balance.

It is one of the reasons why these people are often the moderators in group discussions. They are able to quickly identify people who are completely silent and then get them to speak. They know how to give everyone a voice and they are incredibly sincere about this. You won’t find many people with a better sense of justice than a Libra.

  1. They Are Idealistic

These people are always looking at the bright side of things. They are very optimistic and they like to look at the best in people and in other situations. They often have greater intentions and they never let things bring them down. They are usually the most optimistic when a new project is about to get underway as well.

This is one of the signs that is also incredibly social. They love being around different kinds of people and they love to meet new ones too. These people absolutely thrive on companionship and they like to be around people who are well-taught and learned.

Aquarius Traits

The Aquarius is the 11th star in the zodiac, and falls in line with Uranus. The Water Bearer, as is the logo, is one of the most progressive signs in the zodiac, and it shares many different traits that makes it a very compatible pick for a Libra. Here are just some of the many Aquarius traits that make them compatible.

  1. They Are Thoughtful

One of the things that you should know about an Aquarius is that these people are incredibly thoughtful and they often take a long-term approach toward things. They are quite visionary in their approach and they like to enact and implement positive change in the lives of others around them.

They are going to be fighting about things that can have a major impact on the world, such as climate change or carbon emissions. They are also able to quickly identify just how the actions of a particular person could have an impact on others, and then find a viable solution if that effect is negative.

  1. They Are Kind and Fair

One of the traits that the Aquarius shares with a Libra is that they are both incredibly kind and fair. They are very compassionate and are able to empathize with others. It is one of the reasons why they are some of the first people to be around victims and they know just what to say.

They are able to feel the pain that someone is going through, and they know what they can do in their power to make things better. They are very kind and just, and along with the Libra, they are able to take appropriate steps in a closed environment to make sure that all parties have a fair say.

  1. They Don’t Mask Their Emotions

Aquarians do not know how to mask their emotions. If they like something, they are just going to come out and say it. On the other hand, if they dislike someone, you will find that they will start keeping their distance very quickly. They also don’t mind thinking out of the box for different things.

They are incredibly artistic as well, and they like to express themselves in a variety of different ways. They love to draw and paint, and you will realize that these people are some of the most artistic and intelligent people that you will come across. Some might even call them eccentric, though as you will realize, this is more of a label and not something that defines them.

Why Are the Two So Compatible?

Aquarius and Libra share many similar traits, and it is one of the reasons why they are so compatible with each other. Many consider it to be a very stable and harmonious couple, because in case they fall in love with each other, the chances of getting married are usually quite high.

They have several common interests and the best thing about them is that they are able to share their interests with each other without any issues. You will find that the two will take a deep interest in each other’s work, and they also have some of the most intense and deep conversations!

They are able to stimulate each other to improve and emotionally and intelligently develop each other. They are able to resolve domestic disputes with considerable ease because they are both able to empathize with each other. Empathy is one of the traits that the two share and it really makes things easier for them.

However, you should know that they are not likely to yield to one another, though they are able to come to some sort of a compromise every now and then, which makes them a great couple all around!


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