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Everyone likes to save money, especially when things are tight, and it’s tough to make ends meet. While Amazon already has some great deals, we’re going to show you how to shave a few more dollars off your next order.

Using the tips supplied in this article, you’ll be a deal-hunting discount-catching pro in no time! Whether you want a vintage book, a new laptop, or a fancy pair of shoes, we’ll help you look like a million bucks without spending it!

Amazon Discount Sites Take Your Savings to New Heights

When browsing Amazon for your next purchase, you will see plenty of deals. And for many people, these deals are good enough. However, for the genuinely frugal and well-informed shopper, the Amazon deals presented on the website are only the beginning.

There are official and unofficial ways to increase your savings, even on already great deals. From lightning deals and coupons to making strategic use of discount sites, employing all available options can add up to substantial savings. Let’s explore how to shop until you drop while keeping a larger stash of cash in your wallet.

Don’t Overlook the Obvious

The first discount site to look at is right under our proverbial nose, which is Amazon itself. Besides the standard prices and deals that you may find every day, special limited-time Amazon deals can occasionally appear on the website. While these deals will sometimes pop up in a banner on the website, you can’t always rely on that to spot a great deal.

Watch out for unadvertised deals and Amazon coupons you can click to claim before checkout. These are quick and easy ways to get a little more bang for your buck right on the Amazon site itself.

Additionally, if you are quick on the draw, you may catch one of the “lightning deals.” These lightning deals are so-named due to their extremely short time-frame in which to claim them; sometimes a matter of minutes. Even though lightning deals are relatively short, the discount can be massive, upwards of 50%.

Before we move on, Amazon has one more innate discount, known as “Prime Day.” As the name suggests, Prime Day is exclusively reserved for Amazon Prime members. Even though it is called Amazon Prime Day, the event typically lasts for two days chosen and announced by Amazon. These two days usually changes from year to year, so eager Prime members need to keep watch on their inboxes for the notification. 

Warehouse Deals to Find Great Steals

Another somewhat related way to receive further discounts is through Amazon warehouse deals. Though technically still part of Amazon, the Amazon Warehouse only sells pre-owned, used, open-box, and refurbished items. If you’re looking for something specific, but don’t want to pay top-dollar for a completely new product, the Amazon warehouse is the place to look.

Coupon Codes Can Help You Save Loads

As you go through the checkout process on Amazon, you may notice the nifty option to add a coupon or promotional code. An Amazon promo code is usually only available for a particular time and can offer anything from free shipping to a discount on your order.

While most people wait for Amazon to tell them about a specific deal, there are other ways to find coupons and promotional codes. There are websites and entire communities dedicated to Amazon discounts and promo codes. Here are a few of them for your convenience:

  • Jump Send

You would be forgiven for thinking that a site named “Jump Send” had nothing to do with Amazon shopping. However, Jump Send is one of the best Amazon discount sites around.

You can search for any product on the site and usually find a 50% discount! Since Jump Send also has one of the cleanest website designs of all the discount sites, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Another nice feature of Jump Send is that they have a direct link to view the items on Amazon, so you can verify how much of a discount you are receiving.

  • Groupon

While not exclusively an Amazon discount site, Groupon does have a dedicated Amazon section where you can find some fantastic deals! Instead of browsing for specific products on Groupon, you scroll through the list of discounts and coupons currently available. Once you find the sale that you want, you click “See Code” or “Get Deal.”

The discounts you will find on Groupon are more varied than on Jump Send, so make sure you look carefully and read the terms of each deal to understand what you are getting.

  • Fyvor

Superficially, Fyvor looks similar to Groupon, but it has a few unique features that cause it to stand out. Mainly that Fyvor gives special attention to limited-time deals on Amazon, and even sorts discounts by their expiration.

One intelligent feature implemented by Fyvor is to notify you when a code is about to expire when you click on it. This notice prevents you from the frustration of applying a discount code on Amazon, only to find out the code has already expired.

  • Vipon

If Groupon and Jump Send ever got together and had an offspring, it would probably look similar to Vipon. The website design isn’t quite as clean as the other two, but what Vipon lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in selection.

When you have a specific product in mind that you can’t find any discounts for elsewhere, the chances are good that Vipon will have it. Since Vipon is dedicated exclusively to Amazon coupons, you don’t need to worry about other deals for stores you aren’t registered at, cluttering the results.

  • Woot!

This one is a bit sneaky! Woot is an Amazon-affiliated company, but you’ve probably never heard of it unless you’ve been looking. Woot has deals on specific Amazon products that change regularly, and exclusive deals and discounts fro Amazon Prime members.

What makes Woot unique is the unannounced Amazon clearance deals you will find there. You can also find huge savings on used items with various wear and tear levels, such as scratches, dents, and dings. Woot will mention what the “grade” of an item is on its listing page. 

So if you don’t mind some extra “character” in the form of cosmetic damage, you can find some great Amazon deals on Woot!

  • RetailMeNot

The final discount site we recommend is RetailMeNot. Again sporting a similar visual style to Groupon and Fyvor, RetailMeNot offers some exclusive deals, including cash back, if you shop on specific days. 

RetailMeNot is the most interactive of all the Amazon discount sites. One nice feature of RetailMeNot is that users can vote on specific coupons and deals. For example, if one particular coupon code has expired, users can let each-other know ahead of time. Or, if a certain discount is a favorite, users can “vote it up” to the top of the list. These community features make RetailMeNot stand out from the crowd.

You can sort and filter the list of discounts, so if you are looking for a specific kind of deal, this feature will come in quite handy. RetailMeNot also regularly verifies the coupons and deals on its site, and you can filter out any non-verified promo codes and coupons. These checks are necessary because users can submit their own discovered sales to the website.

Beware of Scams

Not every website that claims to offer Amazon discounts and coupons is legitimate. There are some websites out there that want to obtain your information. It’s essential to ensure that the site you visit to get a discount isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Always verifying the final website you order from is Amazon would be a good start. Before you finish checking-out an order, always verify that the genuine Amazon website is in your browser’s address bar. Above all, never give out personal details such as credit card numbers, bank information, or home addresses to a website that you do not trust.

Keep in mind that Amazon will not call you on the phone to confirm an order, nor will Amazon offer you discounts via e-mail or require you to pay them in gift cards. These are all big red flags of phishing scams.

There are even more Amazon scams than what we are listing here. Because Amazon is such a popular online store and everyone is looking for discounts and deals, it can be an attractive target for scams. It’s a good idea to remain guarded; use common sense and good judgment when looking for deals.

Many Deals Abound Waiting to Be Found

For the diligent Amazon shopper, there are many ways to shave a few more percentage points off that retail price. It may not seem like much at first, but even small discounts can result in significant savings.

So the next time you are browsing Amazon for that new dress, hot gadget, or cool toy, take a few moments to check out the great Amazon discount sites mentioned above. You may find a more incredible deal than you could’ve hoped for! Happy shopping!


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