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When it comes time to retire your old phone, you have two main options: keep using the phone until it doesn’t work anymore or go through the process of selling it so you can buy a new one.

If you’re planning on upgrading soon, you may be inclined to simply throw your old device away, but you may be throwing money right out with it whereas you can sell it to Mobile Monster right away. Here are ten great reasons why you should sell your phone instead of throwing it away.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans discard more than 2.37 million tons of electronic waste per year. So when you decide to upgrade your smartphone, remember that it’s not just a new phone you’re buying; it’s an old one headed for the trash heap.

As an environmentally conscious consumer, there are many reasons why recycling is better than dumping your old phone in the trash:

  • The toxic chemicals found in electronics such as lead and mercury can harm humans and animals if they contaminate our soil or water supply.
  • Electronic devices contain valuable materials that are mined from around the world, such as gold from Africa or coltan from Congo.

Keep Your Data Private

If you’re in an unfortunate situation where you need to get rid of your phone, it’s important to make sure your data is secure. The last thing you want is for someone else to be able to access all of your personal information and your private photos. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

First, use a PIN code or pattern lock on your phone when it first turns on. This will keep people from accessing any information without permission – even if they have physical possession of the phone. Second, encrypt the data on your phone before getting rid of it.

Get Cash

It’s frustrating when a phone breaks, but there are ways to still get some money out of it. Sure, you could try to repair the phone yourself or pay somebody else to do it for you. You might be able to sell the broken parts on sites like eBay or Craigslist.

But if your phone is just too far gone or damaged, then recycling is another option that will get your old device out of the house and into the hands of someone who can make use of it.


In the age of technology, it can seem almost impossible to live without a phone. But if you’re thinking about trading in your old phone for a new one, it might be worth considering selling it instead.

Not only does this let you make some money back, but it also has other benefits such as reducing your environmental impact and helping you get rid of clutter.

Avoid Electronic Waste

The average smartphone user replaces their device every two years. That’s a lot of old electronics! The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that there are 11 million tons of e-waste in America, and it’s only going to get worse as the demand for smart devices continues to grow. The good news is that you can do your part by recycling your old phone instead of throwing it away.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Most cell phones these days are made from harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride, lead, arsenic, and beryllium. When you throw away your phone it will eventually end up in a landfill where these toxic chemicals can leach into the earth and water supply.

Plus you run the risk of the phone going missing or being used for nefarious purposes. And who knows what will happen if there is a fire! Not to mention that recycling electronics is just as good or better than throwing them away.

Save Earth Resources

The Earth is home to 7.6 billion people and counting, making it the perfect place for all sorts of ecosystems to thrive. But our planet can only sustain so much before it starts to crumble. People need to stop dumping their electronics in landfills and instead sell them for money or trade them for something else. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you’ll also be saving a lot of cash in the process.

Recycling your phone prevents toxic chemicals from getting into water supplies and soil, which could cause serious health issues among humans as well as animals. Every phone that is recycled means one less electronic device polluting our natural world.

Be Green

Most people find themselves with a phone they don’t use anymore and are left wondering what to do with it. The most common answer would be to throw the phone away, but this has a lot of negative consequences for our environment.

One million phones are thrown away every day and all those toxic materials end up in landfills where they can contaminate water sources. Plus all the energy that goes into producing those phones is wasted when you toss them in the trash. That’s why it’s better to sell your phone instead!

Help Others in Need

The world has enough plastic pollution. Helping someone get a new phone will give them access to resources they may not have had before. By buying used, you’re supporting the environment and giving your old phone a new lease on life. If you’re lucky, you can get some money back for the parts your phone might still be able to use.

Buying refurbished is an ethical way to enjoy a newer model without breaking the bank. Recycling electronics is better than throwing them away because it makes sure that nothing goes to waste and everything gets put back into production somehow.


If you’re still on the fence about whether to sell your old phone, these ten benefits should help convince you. The convenience of having a new phone is just one way that selling your old phone can be beneficial.

Not only will it save you time and money, but it will also help reduce the number of electronic devices in landfills. And with eco-friendly companies making recycling electronics easy, now’s the perfect time to get rid of your old device and give yourself a fresh start.


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