5 Reasons Why Security Print Is Important For Your Cheques And Credits

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Printing security for cheques and credits is often overlooked. It can save you money, time, and headaches by helping to keep the integrity of your documents intact.

Security print provides evidence that a person has signed or endorsed the document as required by law or regulation. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive documents such as bank statements or credit card agreements. Here are five reasons why it is important:

Evidence of Authenticity

Security print is a security feature that helps to ensure that the cheque or credit is genuine. This unique identifier can be used to prevent fraud, as well as help you identify if someone has forged your cheques in the past.

The use of security features such as this may also help to reduce your risk of identity theft as well.

Evidence for Legal Proceedings

You may have heard that security print is used in legal proceedings. It can be used to prove that a cheque or credit was issued and that it was not forged, altered, or duplicated. In this context, “security” refers to the fact that only one person at a time has access to your card and PIN and they don’t have access if you’re not there!

This means that someone couldn’t use someone else’s account as an opportunity to make fraudulent purchases on your behalf.

Evidence of Ownership

Security print on your cheques and credits is a way to tell the bank that you are the ultimate owner of the money they are holding for you, and if someone else tries to cash it without your permission, they will be caught red-handed.

If someone steals money from me or my business, you may want them held accountable for their actions by using security printing in conjunction with other methods such as CCTV cameras and alarms.

Evidence of Payment

As a business, you want to know that your customers are paying on time and in full. To ensure this happens, cheques and credits need to have evidence of payment. This can be done with a hologram or barcode strip which contains information about the transaction including customer details, date and time of issue as well as details about who issued it.

This helps with reconciliation later down the line when you need evidence for legal proceedings or ownership disputes.

Facilitates Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the process of comparing two sets of data to ensure that they are identical. It is important for accounting because it ensures that every transaction has been recorded correctly and under existing accounting policies. If a discrepancy occurs, reconciliation helps identify the cause and resolve any issues related to reconciling accounts.

Security print helps facilitate reconciliation by allowing you to compare different records without having to manually look up each item yourself. In addition, security print can also be used as an aid when performing manual checks on cheques or credits after they’ve already been processed through your system because it allows you to quickly identify any discrepancies between what appears on screen visually exists in reality.

Security print is important for cheques and credits

Security print is an important part of the cheque or credit process. It’s used to provide proof of authenticity, ownership, and payment.

It’s also used in legal proceedings to prove that a cheque has been paid by the person who wrote it.


In conclusion, as a business owner or manager, you have to make sure that your company has a security print solution. If you’re looking for more information on how to protect your company and assets, we would love to hear from you. We know how important it is for business owners like yourself to keep their assets safe from theft or other mishaps so we offer many different services at affordable prices!


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