4 Reasons Why God Only Wants The Best For Us

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When tragedy strikes or adversity overwhelms us, we often wonder, “Where is God?” Assuming God is all-knowing and all-powerful, we reason that He should have stopped whatever bad thing will happen to us.

Therefore we pose this question. We may also conclude that God does not care about us because, if He did, He would protect us from all pain and suffering. However, that’s not simply the case.

Keep reading this article to learn 5 reasons why God only wants the best for us.

1. Because God Doesn’t Take Pleasure in Making Us Suffer

God does not want to bring us suffering, just as He does not wish to shatter our souls. He allows awful things to happen for a reason; this isn’t limited to you but affects everyone we may aid.

The truth of Romans 8:28 applies to all aspects of our existence. Therefore if we accept it as such, we must accept it unconditionally. Check out Planetshakers church. They share the word of God and help us understand why He only wants the best for all of us.

2. God’s Motive is Always Love

God’s actions and the things He lets into our life are motivated by love. When God fractures us, it is never out of vengeance. Instead, God intervenes since He loves us too deeply to let us be stuck in sin, spiritual indifference, or a failure to realize His plans for us.

Ultimately, God works in human lives so that we may develop spiritually and become complete in every way.

3. God Doesn’t Wish to Dampen Our Spirits

God’s plan isn’t to crush us emotionally but to soften our hearts for our benefit. He acts this way so that He may bring His will into our life.

A competent parent understands the need to break a child’s obstinate and proud streak. The goal of correcting a kid’s obstinate behavior is not to break the child’s spirit. It helps them become a responsible adult who can contribute to society as a law-abiding citizen, a kind friend, a caring parent, and a devoted part of Christ’s body.

God tries to shatter the pride and disobedience that prevent us from becoming loving, giving, Christlike people.

4. Because He Deserves the Best from Us

Think not that anybody is getting away scot-free. According to the Bible, “there is no partiality,” thus “the offender will be repaid for the damage he has done” (Col 3:25).

What is kept secret will be revealed to the world at large; “everything you have uttered in the dark will be heard in the day, and what you’ve said in private chambers shall be announced on the housetops” (Luke 12:3). Whether you’re a slave or a free man, “whatever good somebody performs, this he will get back from the Lord.” (Eph 6:8).

Therefore, we should do our best in everything we do. All your efforts will not go to waste. God is always loving and caring, and he would not allow anything you cannot handle in your life.


Given that we were made specifically to bring Him glory, there can be little question that God desires nothing less than our finest efforts. Those who work hard, maintain positive relationships and strive to do what God wants. When we do these things, it is not to earn salvation but to show that we already have it.


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