Dirty Redhead Jokes That Will Make You Want More!


You have to admit that every one of us wants to be in the spotlight at a party or friends’ gathering, right? Now, what else could be a better way to grab all the attention for yourself, than cracking dirty jokes?

Do not be shy! Dirty jokes are not meant to offend anyone but to make people laugh harder. Take a deep breath and think deeply, what are the kinds of jokes that make you burst out? Dirty jokes without a doubt! So if you want to make people cachinnate, pen down these dirty redheads jokes that we have filtered out for the next party you have planned.

These jokes would even make your redhead friends laugh uncontrollably.

Q: What do you call a redheaded ninja?

A: Of course a ginja!

You had a little giggle, right? If not, then you probably did not get the joke! Let us clarify it for you. So, ginja is basically the portmanteau of the word ninja and ginger. You would surely have got the meaning of ninja in this word but ginger might have been a mystery for you.

Redheads are famously known as Ginger because of an American TV show in which a redhead girl was named Ginger Grant and that show became so popular in America that soon after that, all of the redheads started to be known as Ginger. They also looked the same, so it makes sense!

Q: What do you call a redhead with a yeast infection?

A: Gingerbread

Oops! You probably got the joke. This joke refers to redheads as gingerbread if they got an infection Ewwww. Well, this type of gingerbread would not be preferred by anyone. Your friends would cackle at this joke for sure!

Did you already start laughing? Wait until you see more. Those jokes will hit you hard enough to make you burst into tears as you laugh to your heart’s content.

Q: Why are redheads flat-chested?

A: It makes it easier to read their T-shirts.

Ouch! So, this joke implies that all redhead girls are flat-chested and so it is easier to read what is written on their T-shirts. You have to be careful while using this joke. Make sure that there are not any wine glasses or bottles when you make this joke in front of a redhead girl.

Do not even think to use this joke if you have a redheaded girlfriend, boy you can even have a breakup, or she might pull out her go-to pepper spray, leaving you screaming in agony. If you dare to do so, we would not be responsible for the repercussions.

Offensive dirty redhead jokes

Q: Why is it called the Virgin Islands?

A: Only Gingers live there!

Now that is what we call offensive!

But you would have laughed like crazy, right? Redheads are referred to as gingers commonly, as previously stated. This joke has implied that redheads are born virgins and die virgins, so the Virgin Islands is made for them.

Why is this joke offensive as it is just a joke, right? But for redheads, it is not a joke as in this joke they are portrayed as impotent and not worthy of mating so they live on the Virgin Islands.

Redheads are a lot like anal sex, they are both a pain in the ass!

Hahahah, oopsie doopsie, you laughed at this joke! Do not feel ashamed, this was hilarious. But not for redheads, so use this joke at your own risk!

Take special precautionary measures before you use this joke at a party or in front of your redheaded friend as they might kick your ass for this joke unless you literally want to have a pain in your ass.

Good girls say “no” and redheads say “when?”

Well, now that is an offensive one because not every redheaded girl is a slut and is ready to sleep with you. There is a virtue called respect and in this joke, none is shown to a redheaded girl.

This joke does not only offend redheaded people but also portrays the wrong image of redheaded girls, which is morally incorrect and problematic. You would be a real jerk to laugh at this joke!

But many people have used these jokes at public gatherings and some have definitely initiated this joke to offend the redheads.

Good girls think that the office is the wrong place to have sex. Redheads think no place is the wrong place.

Now that is a misogynist sentence. This joke can be divided into two parts. The first part of the joke states that ”good girls’’ think the office is the wrong place to engage in sexual intercourse and then the redheaded girls are used as an antonym for good girls.

This is a discriminatory sentence. While the second part says that redhead girls think that there is no such place that can be considered inappropriate for having sex. This is wrong! Just because the color of their hair is red does not give anyone the license to treat them like sluts.

Some Funny Redhead Jokes to Make Your Day

Q: What do you call a soldier with a smile and a piece of red hair in his teeth?


Now that is what we call funny!

Read that sentence again in a flow to understand its meaning. But wait, there is something wrong with it! Have you noticed?

In this joke, someone is happy that a soldier has eaten a redheaded girl Ewwww. Now let’s not get any deeper into it to respect the soldier’s privacy of course.

Q: What do we call a child of two redheaded parents?

A: A Ginger-bred

There it is, now you are laughing like crazy, right? I got you!

Well, it is clear that if two redheads mate, the offspring that they would produce would also be a redhead, right? From what we had previously established, we know that redheads are called Ginger.

When two gingers would breed they would produce a ginger-bred. Comical!

Q: What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a redhead?

A: At least Michael Jackson had sex.

WOW! Now that is a heavy one. In this joke, redheads are said not to have experienced sex in their whole life. They are compared with Michael Jackson whose sex life had always been skeptical. Poor redheads! But who knows if they might have had even more sex in their life than Micheal Jackson?

These are some of the most hilarious jokes that you can use to flex and gain all the attention at the party. But try to not use the offensive ones as they might hurt someone’s feelings or make you their enemy.

Furthermore, these are jokes for adults, so avoid using them in front of your kids or publicly. Also do not use these jokes on kids!