The Best Deez Nuts Jokes


The Internet has a language of its own that is made up of memes and special jokes. The language of the Internet can only be understood by people who spend most of their time browsing social media websites.

Although a new joke goes viral on the Internet every other day, some old jokes are still referenced by users on a daily basis. Old time users can easily recognize these jokes. You will only recognize words such as loss and deez nutz if you have been on the Internet since the early 2010s.

The Origin of Deez Nut Jokes

Deez nuts is a conversational joke where you ask someone an ambiguous question to elicit a response from them in the form of a follow-up question. When they ask their question, you yell “deez nuts” in reply. The phrase comes from a skit track of Dr. Dre. Although the skit came out in 1992, it wasn’t until 2015 when the phrase got popularized as a joke by an Internet comedian.

WelvenDaGreat shared a video clip on Instagram in 2015 when he used the phrase deez nuts in a phone conversation with his friend. In its first month alone, the clip received over 58,000 likes. Once the clip went viral, other comedians made their own versions of the deez nut jokes and shared them on the Internet. The joke has not died down since then.

The Best Deez Nuts Jokes

Over time, deez nuts jokes became more and more popular. Today, they are an inseparable part of the vernacular of the Internet. The U.S. presidential candidate by the name of “Deez Nuts” who participated in the 2016 elections contributed heavily to the popularity of the phrase.

The support the candidate received during the poll shows the love people have for jokes. Although the candidate was fake, the publicity the phrase “deez nuts” gained was real.


The most important feature of a deez nuts joke is that it should not be obvious. You can only successfully prank a friend if they don’t know they are about to get pranked. If they naturally respond to your question, only then you can say deez nuts and gottem. You can also say gotchu when you succeed in pranking your friend.

The Ken joke goes like this:

“What is the name of Barbie’s boyfriend?”


“Ken deez nuts fit in your mouth?”

Barbie and Ken are a very popular couple. Even your friends who don’t use the Internet would be familiar with Ken. So, you can try this one on any of your friends and you will get the right response.


Another popular deez nutz joke has to do with CDs and music. Although most people don’t use CDs to listen to music nowadays, they were very important at one point in time. Thanks to CD players, people could listen to their music even when they were on the move.

The deez nutz CD joke goes like this:

“I have a bunch of old music albums, would you like 2 CDs?”


“To see deez nuts”

Due to the popularity of deez nuts, other similar jokes are also being used by Internet users these days. One of these jokes uses the word Candice in the same way to prank people.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is a very popular pop rock band. Songs such as “Believer” and “Demons” have made them popular all over the world. Everyone who enjoys music must have listened to at least one song of Imagine Dragons. But what you might not know is that you can also use the band’s name to land a deez nutz joke.

The setup for this joke goes like this:

“Do you like Imagine Dragons?”


“Then imagine dragging deez nuts across your face.”

If your friend doesn’t like Imagine Dragons, but they like dragons, you can change the joke a bit and it will still land.

“Do you like dragons?”


“Then you will like it when I am dragging deez nuts across your face.”


You can ask a question about baseball regardless of the kind of gathering you are in and still get a few answers. Whether you are among friends or colleagues, you can be certain that some people in the gathering will have an opinion on baseball. Since everyone has their own favorite baseball team, you can use that to make a joke.

Here’s how you can make a baseball-themed deez nutz joke:

“Do you like Yankees or Expos?”


“Expose deez nuts.”

If they reply with Yankees, you can answer with “yank on deez nuts.” It is the kind of joke setup where you won’t have to worry about the reply. Whether your friend replies with Yankees or Expos, you can still reply with a deez nuts line.

But if you and your friends don’t watch baseball and don’t even have the basic knowledge of the teams, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of deez nuts jokes for you to use for your next TikTok video. This is just one setup that you will have to give up on.


Wendy’s is a popular fast-food restaurant chain. The restaurant is not only known for its food but also for its Twitter account. The Twitter account became popular because of its witty replies to people and other brands. Over the years, the Twitter account of Wendy’s has roasted many people. But did you know you can also use Wendy’s name to make a deez nutz joke? Well, now you know.

Here’s how you can make the deez nutz joke using Wendy’s:

“Hey, do you like Wendy’s?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because you will like it when deez nuts hit you in your face.”

Lately, the phrase deez nuts has become a way for people to interrupt conversations. But it will forever remain a way to joke with friends before anything else. It is important to remember that the joke is popular only on the Internet. Don’t try to make this joke with people who don’t use the Internet if you don’t want them to get offended. You can try the jokes mentioned above with your Internet friends today and have a good laugh.