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One of the most significant esports events of the year is just around the corner, and fans and gamers worldwide are getting ready to experience “The International 2023”.

This is the largest DOTA 2 event and the crowning piece for the Dota 2 pro circuit, which consists of 20 teams; 12 of those teams come from the final results of the DPC, and another 6 teams come from the beat teams from all the regional leagues, and a final two teams for last chance qualifiers.

Fans worldwide are hyped for The International 2023 and will come in droves to show their support in multiple ways.

They can watch via stream sites and social media and even view them by streaming live on one of the many DOTA 2 betting sites available online. These sites even allow fans to place bets on individual matches and even the final results of the event.

This article is just the right place for those unfamiliar with The International. We will go over what The International 2023 is and what to expect from the year’s largest DOTA 2 esports event.

The International, a bit of history

The International initially debuted at Gamescom in 2011 to promote the game’s release. Since then, while it was originally held in Seattle—the same state as the game developer Valve’s headquarters—it has gone international.

The event has been hosted in various cities, including Shanghai, Vancouver, Stockholm, Bucharest, and Singapore.

The International is renowned for boasting the heftiest prize pools in all of esports, with its peak reaching $40 million in 2021. Since its third iteration in 2013, the prize pools for The International have been fueled by the “Compendium” battle pass sales.

Notably, a quarter of the annual Compendium’s revenue is directed straight into the event’s prize pool.

The International attracts the elite and most renowned esports teams. However, only the top among them can claim victory and stand out as the champions.

Past winners of The International include Natus Vincere (2011), Invictus Gaming (2012), Alliance (2013), Newbee (2014), Evil Geniuses (2015), Wings Gaming (2016), Team Liquid (2017), OG (2018 & 2019), Team Spirit (2021), and Tundra Esports (2023). 

Dota 2 TI12 – The International 2023 

  • Prize pool

TI12 promises to be just as intense, if not more intense, than its predecessors, with even higher stakes as crowdfunding for the prize pool has just kicked off and is already close to the $3 million mark on the 10th day.

TI 2023’s prize pool doesn’t look to be smashing the all-time prize pool with such a low start, but it still has 32 days of crowdfunding through compendium sales, so anything can happen in that period.

  • Teams

Each year, we see a whole host of teams battle it out to earn their place at The International, and 2023 is no different; with all 20 teams and their rosters already announced, TI 2023 is gearing up to be an intense battle of the best DOTA 2 teams in the world. The 12 invited teams this year are;   

  1. Team Liquid
  2. Gaimin Gladiators
  3. Tundra Esports
  4. 9Pandas
  5. Evil Geniuses
  6. LGD Gaming
  7. Shopify Rebelion
  8. Talon Esports
  9. Beastcoast
  10. Team Spirit
  11. TSM
  12. BetBoom Team

While the regional qualified teams are:

  1. Nouns
  2. Keyd Stars
  3. Thunder Awaken
  4. Entitiy
  5. Quest Esports
  6. pro
  7. Azure Ray
  8. Team SMG
  • Structure

The structure for TI 2023 is the same as last year, starting with a group stage, with four teams in each group. And matches are best of 2 here, and the last team in each group is eliminated.

The second group stage phase has the remaining 16 teams battle it out in 8 best of 3 matches. Winners enter the upper bracket for the main event, and losers enter the lower bracket.

The main event is the playoffs, where the remaining 8 teams in each bracket play in the best of 3 matches, and the winner in each bracket faces off in the best of 5 Grand final.

  • Date and Location.

Starting on October 12, TI 2023 is returning to where it all started, as the event is hosted in Seattle this year, the location of the first-ever TI.

TI 2023 runs from October 12 to October 29, with the group stages happening from October 12-15, The playoffs from 20-22, and the grand finals from October 27-29.


The International 2023 is set to be an exciting event for all DOTA 2 fans. With top teams and big prizes, everyone awaits what will happen.

As we look forward to this big game event, it’s interesting to think about other types of games, like D&D, and how they might fit into the world of esports. Check out our next article on Competitive D&D and its Esports chances to learn more.


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